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By Essential7 Mon Mar 15, 2021 12:57 am
Hey guys, I had some issues with my Mpc’s pads recently and I opened it up for some spring cleaning. While under the hood I realized one of the connections is loose, seems like it snapped off at some point. (Top right of second picture) The corresponding pad 10 is completely unresponsive now obviously, and pad 1 is a bit sticky. What can I do about the loose connection? I was planning on maybe doing a pad upgrade while I’m at it. I’m in over my head here, any help would be appreciated. Thanks


By bt2001bt Sat Mar 27, 2021 8:08 pm
That severed connection is on a board that will be replaced when you do the pad upgrade.

I highly recommend doing the pad replacement. I did it, should have done it sooner.