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By Pinkypromise Mon Mar 15, 2021 5:35 pm
Greetings all,
I apologize in advance if this is a common question.

I am considering an MPC1000 as the centerpiece of my studio. My music is more pop/folk/rock based than traditionally beat-based. I’d like to build my beats and then record longer instruments and vocals (guitars and pianos) in as close to one take as possible.

Does the MPC1000 support longer record times like this?

Thank you in advance.
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By MPC-Tutor Mon Mar 15, 2021 5:44 pm
MPC1000 running some form of JJOS can record audio tracks but you'll be limited by the maximum 128MB of memory. An MPC One or MPC Live Mk 1 or Mk 2 would probably be a better fit by modern standards and a lot more flexible and functional. What is it about the MPC1000 that appeals over something more modern?