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By LogaRhytmus Mon May 06, 2013 7:34 pm
i have a cf-card 32 gb trancend ultra speed 133x. i like it and it works fine!
a probably better solution would be 2x 16 gb cards. (in case of loosing data)

just my 2 bits...
By ridingthemutes Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:15 pm
Seagate ST980210A works

80 GB PATA drive

NOTE: Transcend 2.5 IDE SSD drive did not work for me. I believe it's because the default jumper setting (with no jumper) is slave and the Seagate is master by default.

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By TheUnfuckwithable Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:02 pm
turnstile wrote:I've read through a great deal of the posts but can't seem to find if anyone has had any success with a PATA SSD drive? Thanks.

Well, not MPC1000 specific, but I use PATA SSDs in my MV-8800s and MPC4000. Works a treat...
By turnstile Mon Sep 12, 2016 7:40 pm
I ended up using an IDE to SD adapter with a 32G SDHC card with the internal HD sled. Works great, and if you want to move lots of data you can pull out the SD card and use it with a USB card reader on your computer. Total cost from Amazon was less than $25. Nice to have a fixed 32G along with my 32G compact flash. Links below.
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By the intern Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:31 am
Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking for compatible IDE SSDs for the MPC1000. I recently read on one forum that the Zheino SSDs would be causing troubles. The Transcend SSD wasn't working for another user on another forum. KingSpec - not so sure either, but haven't found anything. Yikes.

Also, I've read about all kinds of maximum sizes from 40GB to 80GB to 120GB that the MPC1000 could handle.

However, whatever I find - the posts are usually pretty old.

Does anyone have recent experience with this and can provide some insights?

I have the AKAI hdm-10 which you can still order from Thomann actually, now the question is which Hard Drive should I go for? I believe the Seagate 80GB IDE 2.5 ST980210A would work after all (that is, if the MPC reads 80GB), however I'd prefer an SSD.

Thanks so much for your help, very much appreciated!
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By the intern Thu Oct 06, 2016 5:12 pm
Hi again,

So I've reached out to AKAI's support to get more information around this.

They've never actually tested SSDs in MPCs, so they cannot provide full support for it. (fair enough)

However, they've provided some best practice info:
the hard drive should be set as master, the SSDs should be models with Garbage Collection and Auto-Trim function (similar to what is recommend for when you put an SSD into a Windows XP computer).

The regular HDD models that are marked "compatible" are:
Seagate Model: ST92011A (20GB)
Fujitsu Model: MHN2200AT (20GB) [Discontinued]
Fujitsu Model: MHM2200AT (20GB) [Discontinued]
Toshiba Model: MK4026GAX (40GB)
Hitachi Model: HTS541080G9AT00 (80GB)

The Maximum size for a hard drive that is fully compatible with the MPC1000 is 128GB.

I had also asked about CF cards.
2GB is the size that's recommended and marked compatible for the MPC1000. Greater sizes might work, but are not guaranteed to work. Partitioning a CF Card into multiple 2GB Partitions might be an option (in which case Windows typically formats into NTFS - this file system is not supported by MPCs, so you should make sure to format into FAT).

I ended up going for a regular Seagate IDE hard drive (80GB, not listed above, but seemingly fully compatible), not an SSD.

If anyone tests another SSD and can provide more info on that matter, please: bring it on!

the intern.
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By richie Fri Oct 07, 2016 4:48 am
@intern thanks for the post. Just a thought - considering that the compact flash reader slot on the 1000 goes over the same bus as the hard drive slot / and your goal is to have a SSD - would it not be the same thing to simply use a $10 adapter, purchase a decent 64 gig micro sd and a micro sd to CF adapter and call it a day?

After all, we're talking about SSD memory which on hard drives is either nand, mlc or slc flash - which is the exact same kind of memory used on micro sd/sd flash memory anyway. Also, JJ has posted a video on youtube maybe a week ago showing that the aforementioned method does work and the 1000 was able to map the entire 64 gig card just fine.