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By sinister_keys Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:13 pm
i3obby lFingers wrote:Bump ! hope ya'll enjoying this **** on 42wizzle0 blaze one for ya bro... Bro!

great mix tape ya'll these my top Favorites in order...........

1. The Lab. great sound quality beat/rymes dope as hell!!!! i would like to hear some more who this?

2. Abnormal Formation. BiPolarrrrrrrrr!!!!

3. Dealerships. this what i be smoking two 2 .

4. Who's gonna stop me now. dude went in like a gremlin ! im still hi :D on 420

5. The name's. nice beat man good flow. :)

6. Things change. chill ass song some good points.
pass that **** chief wiggum ass ........hahahh

7.2000 justice league mc's. was hoping for more mc's but who give a **** dope and lyrical DOPE N LYRICAL son get em beats fire chorus is FIERCE GOOD JOB TO ALL!!!!


how bout a vol4 review.