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By MPC-Tutor Wed Jul 27, 2016 5:18 pm

The Concert Grand’ is the latest release in’s next generation of multisampled instrument expansion packs, an absolutely stunning recreation of the majestic Steinway Concert Grand (Model D), packaged with an indispensable collection of MIDI resources and fully optimised for both the MPC Software and legacy MPC models.

The MPC Software Expansion edition (for the MPC Touch/Studio/Renaissance) features fully chromatic 24 bit sampling with 4 dynamic layers per pad (velocity switched between soft, medium, medium-soft and hard) - the result is an incredibly rich and organic piano experience unlike any you'll ever hear within an MPC:

In addition to the main grand piano program we've also created an 8 additional preset programs for variety of tonal variations ‘out-of-the-box’ and have also included 20 brand new and original MIDI chord progressions to use in Pad Perform Mode that allow you to effortlessly create expressive, professional sounding piano performances using nothing but your MPC pads.

Finally we’ve also included 20 melodic themes as drag & drop MIDI Patterns (also provided as individual MIDI sequence files). These consist of editable riffs, melodies and chords that can act as a starting point for a new composition.

And the love is also shared with legacy MPC owners as we’ve tweaked and optimised to bring a superb ‘compact’ version of the main Concert Grand program for the MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC5000, MPC500 and MPC4000 which uses a reduced number of keygroups but still utilises the ultra-realistic 4 dynamic levels per pad! Here’s the MPC1000 ‘compact’ version of Für Elise:

Finally we’ve even managed to create an even smaller 10MB version for MPC2000/XL owners that uses a single dynamic layer which still sounds awesome - and all legacy MPC owners also get all 20 MIDI themes in both SEQ and MIDI file format.

The majestic & expressive Concert Grand from, destined to be the new ‘go-to’ piano for all MPC producers and available until 3rd August at a special introductory price (20% discount), exclusively from ... sion-pack/