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By Loosecaboose Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:48 am
marctronixx wrote:I'm not (yet) a subject matter expert on the MPC live/x but one reason for having the LIVE (and the X being home) is being able to use the mpc X/Live bible during my downtime when i am away from my lab/on the road to brush up on my skills and better learn the instrument.

i took thips photo today showing i can set up a "popup" learning center in sconds...


I remember getting the MPC2KXL "bible" waaaay back in the day. that really helped me be less intimidated about that instrument and it turned me into a BEAST!

using an ipad to read and using the LIVE to practice with is fun. all the sounds/programs, seq. one needs is in there.

so this post is more for the middle of the road cats who are thinking about investing in the bible..

be like nike.. JUST DO IT!

I need this setup :worthy: :lol: :nod:

Just playing around on the live and getting a bit lost on sample chopping and assigning to pads etc. Think I'm gonna buy this guide and put it on the ipad