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By some1cool Sun Mar 15, 2020 3:19 pm
Hey whats going on

i just purchased the MPC Bible book .. & its packed with info.. but the thing that made me seek out the book i can't find info on.. i'm trying to find out how to adjust the pad sensitivity on the MPC Live. because these world famous legendary MPC pads suck.. you have to hit on them very hard to get a sound out of them...

i have been using the NI Maschine for years (a few of them, from the first MK1 to the MK3.. & also the Mikkro) & the pads on those are excellent.. & its simple to adjust the pad sensitivity..

on the MPC Live i can't find where you can adjust so that the pads are more sensitive for finger drumming ...
although i saw a lot of people online addressing this issue, i couldn't find anywhere that gave a how to ..

i saw in the MPC Bible book a chapter on changing the Velocity on drum kits.. but i'm looking for a way to adjust the overall pads for the controller in general

... Any advise is greatly appreciated.. thank you