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By fominok Wed Oct 14, 2020 12:27 am
Hey there,
I have an MPC X and a bit of Maschine background.
I understand that the workflow is different and I'd better start from zero without looking back, so I hope you guys can help me to achieve a thing I'll try to describe next the true MPC way:

Let's say I have a part of a song that looks like this:
|here is some long melody |
|short kick-snare pattern on repeat |
|hihats pattern on repeat|triplets pattern|

So I have a sequence with a length of a melody and an according melody track, a short kick-snare track which is looped and a hihats track which is looped too. I expect to reuse them around my project and occasionally I want to put hihat triplets in the end of the sequence. A one way I see is to copy midi events from "hihats track", double-length it until it match the length of the sequence, delete events from the end of it to replace them with overdubbed or written manually hihat triplets -- and do it every time I want to pimp my sequence with varying length with triplets in the end (I emphasize the word "varying" here to setup the use case when I cannot simply copy my "long hihats track with triplet" around easily).
How do you achieve a workflow with small building blocks like this?