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By Santiago Sat Feb 20, 2021 10:40 am
Hi everyone, sorry I'm new to the MPC world
Just got an MPD 226, as I was playing around with the controller I must have messed something up because every time I create a project my pads are all over the place, for example when I hit Pad 01 on my MPD226, it triggers Pad 02, when I hit Pad02 it triggers pad 06 or something random
The presets are all messed up too
Is there anyway I can completely completely reset everything as if its a new device?
I tried this from google and it didn't help

The LPD and MPD series controllers use Akai Editor software to manage MIDI settings.
Press the PRESET button.
Scroll to the first preset, LiveLite, and press Enter.
Then repeatedly press the > key until the screen reads FACTORY DEFAULTS. (this never showed I hit > a million times)
Next press Value Knob down (like a button) to confirm your preset selection.

I appreciate if anyone can help