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By MamboDiablo Sun May 21, 2023 7:53 am
Hi Everyone,
I'm new to the MPC one. Purchased one off a friend in mint condition for a great price and intend to use it for both live performance (first priority) and then recording and production later on as I build my own content and samples etc. I play trumpet, percussion (congas, djembe etc), and didjeridu and my intention is to develop a sort of tribal techno set using the MPC one + a mixer combo as the core. However, I also have a boss rc505 looper which is more fluid than the MPC for live looping, and some friends have various hardware such as drum machines and modular synths that we intend to incorporate.

I already have a yamaha mg12xu mixer (in mint condition so I could sell it easily) but the main drawback of this mixer is the USB interface is the 2 ch stereo master bus only. Clearly a huge limitation when using the MPC, The two preferred mixers are of course the tascam model 12 and soundcraft mkt12. The advantage of the soundcraft are the additional stereo input and the 3rd aux send. I run the boss rc505 as an aux send/return (which thus takes advantage of better quality pre-amps and more inputs). The MKT12 would thus allow for another aux/send, but... the extra stereo ch is unbalanced line only.

I have read elsewhere on this forum the sound quality of the MKT12 isn't as good as the tascam. My question is this.... is the difference really THAT noticeable that it becomes a deal breaker? Tascam also has the advantage of two inserts + compression on all channels. Looks better build quality and portability too.

Any advice/suggestions to a newbie much appreciated. I realize this question has been covered before but everyone has a different set-up. Thx for your understanding :-)
By MamboDiablo Sun May 21, 2023 12:22 pm
One more question here.....

The queries about the tascam are partially related to limiting menu diving during a performance to control the tracks playing on the MPC one. However, I also have a xone K2 which I'm just using with traktor... but perhaps the xone K2 can be midi mapped to the MPC? eg use the xone k2 to act as a mixer just for the MPC, then connect master outs to the tascam mixer (or yamaha mg12xu which I currently have), which of course frees up channels for live instruments or hardware synths

I cannot find much information online re this though. Is it even possible?
By Patientrichard Tue May 23, 2023 4:39 pm
Are you looking at a mixer that's also an audio interface, or a mixer for routing all your gear through to perform with?

I am a live performer, and also perform as a duo, both situations are live techno. We've been refining our live rig for the past few years and have been down many different routes to get what we need.

We have a mixer and the mpc live mk2 takes up two channels as I'm routing bass and chords/stabs separately.
The other channels are for

Octatrack mk2
Tt 303
Model cycles
And some more I can't remember at the moment.

We tend to change the set up and sometimes it's the full rig, other times it's more minimal.

The mixer we usually use has two aux sends, although we have been experimenting with an allen and heath db2 and 92 at recent events and quite like what we are getting from them in terms of playability and sound. The db2 is particularly interesting for us as it has some quality delay and reverbs, meaning kit can be left at home.

I can't speak to the mixers mentioned, however I'm aware that they double up as interfaces as well, so I suspect that's what you're looking for.

If you went with the rc 505, you could do a few things (check the Karren performance on resident advisor):

Have the mpc go straight to a looper channel, and loop the mpc output, and bring in the new audio and mix it over the top of the loop-this helps with changing to different tracks as the audio won't stop from the mpc effectively.

Have the looper just on the mixer master and loop everything and then bring the new elements in over the top. This way doesn't leave you with many options.

Have the looper on a send on the mixer, and send whatever you want to thr looper channel.

Forgoe the mixer and just use the rc 505 as a mixer, and route everything into the channels.

The K2 is a great midi controller and reasonable soundcard, and is great with Traktor. I don't see why you couldn't map each of the four faders to a program and 'mix' that way. I had one on release and seem to recall it being very simple to map-much better than the x1 I was trying to do things outside of traktor with.

You also need to give consideration to your clock. I have no issues with the live mk2 being slave, but it's a pita when master. Others experience other midi issues with the mpc. We now use clock from the mididrome which is solid, but previously it would be the octatrack mk2 into a kenton thru, which then spat out the midi data.

Maybe the best thing to do is work out exactly what you want from your performance. Are you wanting to multitrack to a recorder of some description. What you can't live without. What size rig you're looking at carting around with you to gigs. How easy it is to transport - especially with travelling by Air (Ergh). And then you'll be more focused on what you need to get.