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By orbytnz Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:45 pm
Hi! New to MPC X (altho I used an MPC60 way back - got stolen :evil: ).
In Standalone Mode I'm using 'List Edit' from the main menu & can nudge the time & change inserted CC values from 0 - 127, but can't edit the CC number - which means I have to 'delete' existing & 'insert' new items in the list for each event, which is a pain when I really want to be able to copy sections using 'Copy Events' from one track (MIDI Program) to another & then just edit the CC numbers & values to control a second external device (I have 2 RC-505 loop stations hooked up & successfully triggering each stereo loop independently from MIDI out A & B on the MPC X - using assigned CC numbers).
Is this feature missing from List Edit? - or am I missing something obvious?
Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated...