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By james shmith Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:24 pm
Hallo everyone.
I've been looking into buying an mpc for a while now but am stuck between buying either the mpc 2000 or the much cheaper option in the mpc 1000. I have used ableton and fruit loops in the past but i couldnt seem to wrap my head around the basics at all and. I feel that i would benefit from a more hands on approach to producing tracks, computers are just not really my thing. From what i can see the mpc 1000 would look a lot easier to use especially having absolutely no experience in using them but the 2000 looks like it could be very accessible also. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which one i should buy first?
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By Menco Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:41 pm
Yup. MPC1000 with JJOS for the win. More RAM, better chop functions, better file management, USB port and multiple outs as a standard. Abillity to run JJOS. And the most important one: it’s abillity to run JJOS.