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By Lincon Wed May 15, 2019 9:00 am
Hello everyone,,
I just purchased an MPC 2000xl, coming from maschine. as you can guess, i have absolutely no idea what i'm doing. on my computer, i transferred all my samples to 16 bit, put it on a cf card, loaded them all into the MPC (i "kept" them in the load screen), but from there i'm confused.

i have several noob questions and i hope someone could give me a couple of pointers

1. what are the drum1-drum4?
2. how do you use programs?
3. how can you have a sample fully chopped in one pad bank?
4. how can you have drums in a completely different pad bank?

i'm sure these questions have been answered millions of times, i just had a hard time looking for it because they're always asked in a different way. i would really appreciate anyone that is willing to help me out.
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By MPC-Tutor Wed May 15, 2019 10:09 am
DRUM 1 to DRUM4 are 'program holders', each one can have a program assigned to it. You then assign a drum holder, e.g. DRUM1 to a specific sequencer track - this way, the track will have the program assigned to it.

In later MPCs they did away with this and instead you just directly assign a program to a track.

What are programs? They are like Maschine groups. Create a program, assign it to a DRUM holder. Now assign your samples to the pads.

Chopping - check my tutorial: ... mpc2000xl/

Samples in a different pad bank - just select bank B and assign your samples there in 'program' mode.

Check out my MPC2000XL 'bible', it covers everything you need to know if aan easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner: ... mpc2000xl/