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By Monotremata Fri Jun 07, 2019 10:48 pm
What a better place to ask this than here haha. I got a **** of old Akai CD libraries that I wanna copy over to my Mac and use in the MPC Software but not sure on the whole format thing. I have Chicken Systems Translator to do the work for me. Id love to just copy the actual S1000 files from the disc and be done but looks like all I can do with Translator is convert them into another format when I copy them??

Just what wondering what the best format would be to keep the most data intact. The stuff like loop points, envelope settings and what not. Does any of this get lost when Chicken Systems does the translating from Akai to Akai? It sure doesn't keep any of it when it goes to Kontakt or EXS format hah. I know if you have an actual MPC things like this can get dropped when you open one MPCs files on another model.

Figured Id ask what everyone else was using before I started on like 50 cds.