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By ibisum Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:34 am
Hi! I've just undaunted my old MPC Fly 30, which I love, and have charged the iPad that is installed in it to 100% using an iPad charging cable .. but now I'm trying to use it and it seems that no matter what I do the MPC Fly 30 won't turn on .. I've left it for a few hours charging with its original power supply, which I've confirmed using a multimeter is providing 6V 3A, +TIP just fine ..

What I'm wondering is if there is any key combination or some support process I can use to figure out what's going on? I'm wondering if there is an issue with deep-discharge on the MPC Fly 30 - this machine was in storage for about 6 months since it was last turned on and perhaps the LiPo's are deeply discharged now, meaning the firmware can't boot at all to do power management/recharge the batteries.

Should I just give it 24 hours of charging to see if it can reset itself from a deep discharge cycle, or is there anything else I can do to get the machine to boot? Its charging now with the adapter, and the iPad is *NOT* plugged in (iPad at 100% anyway) - so I'll give it a day or two before I start to worry.

Any other tips?
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By JUKE 179r Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:34 am
Have you updated it to the most recent version?