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By neculaiandrei Thu Jul 04, 2019 7:22 pm

I'd like to ask for your help since I'm pretty new to this.

About a month ago I bought a MPC Live. Started putting together sounds. It's awesome.
Mostly I use it in standalone mode, but I also have installed the MPC Software on a laptop so I can use it Controller Mode as well.

Although I used the existing Pad/Keys/Bass samples from MPC when making the beat, I thought that I could do more/better with a MIDI keyboard.
So I bought an M-Audio Oxygen 49 thinking it would be cool to layer/overdub some notes with it on top of the MPC beat.
I installed Ableton Live Lite 10 on my laptop and I can play notes from my keyboard and hear them through laptop's speakers. That's good.

Going forward, I don't know how should I make MPC & keyboard work together.
In my mind, I supposed that I could have the the MPC sequence running and I could add a MIDI track in which I would record what I'm playing on the keyboard.

  • I connected the MIDI directly to the MPC through one of the USB ports.
  • I checked in MPC preference MIDI Sync On / Enable Receive / etc.
  • I can see that I receive MIDI data, but there is no sound.
Is this ok? From what I've read it should be ok, because in Ableton live I had to assing a virtual instrument to the audio track in order to have sounds.
So I suppose, same goes when connecting the keyboard to MPC, right?
Anyway, I tried doing the same by using the MPC in Controller Mode and having both the keyboard and the MPC connected to laptop through USB, but didn't know what to do next.

It's possible to have this setup? Have the MPC playing and adding stuff on top of it using the keyboard?
If so, can you explain the steps for this setup? Do I need another hardware product?
If it's not possible, any similar alternative is good.

Thanks a lot for reading :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: