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By Lampdog Tue Nov 02, 2004 7:54 pm
If you don’t know by now, go slap yourself, go on……
You NEED to know this. Use the links on the left
to find whatever else. Don’t be scared. It won’t bite…
Batch renamer, free and POWERFUL as phucc..
For the “mathematically impaired”.
Also, because mathematics saves lives……
Thank you sir, may I have another……
How to break ya track down like Mannie and Just blaze!
USB to SCSI adapter... People keep askin……
IT Dictionary - for those who are techno-babbly challenged…..
Having problems with a formatted/unformatted zip maybe?
Home recording advice that I found just surfin one day
Just check the URL name, we can ALL benefit though…
MPC compact flash DRIVE, 2000/2000xl question.
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By Smoove03 Tue Nov 02, 2004 7:58 pm
:shock: wow

thanks man. already see where im headed

home recording .com is pretty helpful. it helped me out when i first got my tascam
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By digital_bastard Tue Nov 02, 2004 8:44 pm
Don't forget:
More reviews, articles and information than you can shake a stick at.
Free mag, at least for the ones living in the US.
Plugins, plugins, plugins.
Check out second-hand prices on gear.

And for when you're tired of making music:
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By stereoroid Wed Dec 01, 2004 6:51 pm
How could you forget Hollow Sun's vintage samples?
Their drum samples are the basis of Akai's "Kits Of The Week", so follow the link from their MPC1000 page fror 1K-ready PGM sets.

Or: want your MPC to sound like a Wurlitzer or a Mellotron? This is the place, but be prepared to do some work in creating the Programs. (I did a few for download already - link below.)
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By Lampdog Wed Dec 01, 2004 7:11 pm
stereoroid wrote:How could you forget Hollow Sun's vintage samples?
Or: want your MPC to sound like a Wurlitzer or a Mellotron? This is the place, but be prepared to do some work in creating the Programs. (I did a few for download already - link below.)

1. I wanted to put links out that helped cats with operations, fundamentals and mechanics of their gear, techniques and processing. Anyone can find their own samples.

2. Using MPC Editor and/or PGM Maker can make creating programs WAY easy. The demo versions give you a taste of what to expect you know.

ByBricksideProductions Thu Dec 16, 2004 11:27 pm
Go there to find out what samples big producers used for what song..Very helpful...
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By mpc4000xl Tue Jan 04, 2005 9:56 pm
3RD OPTIC's TOP 30 FREEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't Find it there stop LOOKIN'

4 REAL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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By pt3r Fri Feb 04, 2005 9:55 pm
For all those who need to make akai formatted cdroms (mpc2000 classic CAN NOT read iso formated cdroms remember ?)
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By Lampdog Thu Feb 10, 2005 6:24 pm
MPC2kxl MIDI settings are as follows (generate MTC):
Shift + 9
Frame Rate 25 (for CEP/AA) *some will argue 30 but I've found 25 to work better than 30 did even though 30 is the U.S. standard.

CEP/AA MIDI settings are as follows (trigger from MTC):
F6 – Midi trigger enable
F7 – SMTPE Slave enbable
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By pt3r Wed Feb 16, 2005 8:31 pm
Well that's it I just replaced my rotten (broken) internal zipdrive (IDE/ATAPI 250 MB) with an
IDE/ATAPI card reader.
Is this difficult?
NO, at least not if you have the right tools patience and some experience in opening a pc and installing a drive.
If you feel that the inside of a PC looks scary, then don't even think about proceeding.

This basic HOW-TO explains step-by step how to proceed:

1. Get yourself and IDE/ATAPI card reader. I bought this one:,
but as said before there are many different makes of cardreaders. Just make sure it has an IDE/ATAPI interface.

2. Make sure you have an MPC2000XL (NO this mod does NOT WORK on an MPC 2000 classic) with the OS 1.14 installed (u can always upgrade to OS v1.20 once your installation of the card reader is completed).

3. In order to open your MPC you will need a philips screwdriver.

4. Turn your MPC of and unplug the power cord. Turn the MPC upside-down and lay it on a soft surface
(a pillow will do just fine) and remove the bottom plate; see page 191 of the manual on how to this.
Make sure you don't loose any of the screws coz there are quite a few that need to be removed.

5. Remove the ZIP drive and replace it with the Cardreader. Make sure to connect the power cable and the IDE/ATAPI cable.
This should be quite obvious and normaly you can only plug the cables in one way. Before fixing the card reader make sure
you have SET IT TO MASTER. This is done via one of those little black bridges/swithes on the cardreader. The manual
of your cardreader will explain you what position you have to set it. Just make sure it's MASTER.

6. Do a double check and reassemble the bottom plate.

7. Boot up that MPC!* And check the card reader. If you did everything as described above and your cardreader is
not deffect then everything should work fine.

8. Now go make some beats.

PS: Credits go to MPC3000 (the man not the machine) for his extended MPC faq and technical knowledge, MPC-tutor for hosting
this forum and last but not least Lampdog for fighting the 'spoonfeed me' mentality.

PPS: I can of course not be held responsible if you screw up/destroy your MPC by trying to install a card reader.

*: This reminds me that I still haven't ordered my copy of Dstructions album. :oops:
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By TicToc Thu Feb 24, 2005 10:04 pm
Lampdog wrote:

I think it is great that lamp included this particular link as the first one on his list. :lol:

I also wanted to add another crucial link for you to check out. ... pmusic.htm

That is all. Carry on.