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By hyperbolist Fri Apr 02, 2021 2:44 am
I'm working with an MPC Live 2.

The Sequencer Preferences have these 2 options: "Play Track Mute and Solo Events" and "Record Track Mute and Solo Events". I expected that if I disabled both of these options, then Track Mutes would be completely under my control as a human while "performing" in Track Mute mode. This is only true if I never change to a different sequence. As soon as I change the sequence through any of the various methods, the Track Mutes change out from under me. There aren't any Mute events in the list, so it's like the Track Mute states are baked into the Sequence no matter what.

When I leave a Sequence, whatever the Track Mute states happened to be at that time become saved into the Sequence. And then when I switch back to that Sequence, those old Track Mute states are recalled from the last time I was in that Sequence.

I understand that this is what most people expect to happen. But is there a way to prevent this behavior? Is there a way to change Sequences, but leave the current Track Mute states entirely intact exactly as they are with no changes?

What I'm trying to get is the kind of behavior where a Sequence has no opinion about whether a track should be muted or unmuted. This is how MMT-8's behave and apparently my brain is old and just stuck and can't cope. This is the third modern hardware sequencer (and my first MPC) that I've tried and failed to use this way. Apparently I'm living in the past.

If there aren't any officially-supported options, are there any janky workarounds that come to mind?
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By Lampdog Fri Apr 02, 2021 4:21 am
Make a song, convert song to seq, make your track mutes in the bigger resulting seq.
By hyperbolist Fri Apr 02, 2021 4:41 am
Thanks for this!

At first I was going to say that wouldn't work for me because I won't know my song structure ahead of time, preferring instead to perform arrangements live and record in one take.

But then I found this, about changing the start and end bars of a looping sequence.

So yes, I can totally string together a multitude of sections into a single sequence, and use the start and end bars of the looping sequence to manipulate which section is currently playing, all while retaining complete control over the track mute states.

This is wonderful, thanks again!
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By Lampdog Fri Apr 02, 2021 6:08 am
Yep, really long seq, then control the sections like you said, throw your mutes in sections and move on to the next section, rinse, wash, repeat, happy place!

What we want isn’t always right there in front of us, we gotta sometimes combine functions and features and get close to sometimes get exactly what we want in a workaround. Beat way to do that is to know the capabilities of your machine,