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By halfcut Wed Sep 01, 2021 11:18 pm
HI All.

Just starting out with the MPC One - steep curve after many years making Ableton setups, but I'm persevering!.

I have 4 audio tracks in a song and have duplicated the sequence a few times so I can then rename the clones, Intro, Verse, Chorus Outro etc - I thought it would then be easy to change the start bar of the following sequences, so Intro is bar 1 - 12, Verse 12 - 24, etc etc.

For some weird reason, even though you can see the sequence loop brace at the correct start and end points, when you go to play or trigger the next sequence, for some odd reason the Audio tracks themselves start at the beginning.

Is there a way to make the audio bar position follow the main sequence timeline? CAn't see anything obvious but it must surely be possible?!

Thanks in advance :-)

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By Ill-Green Thu Sep 02, 2021 9:50 am
Its been a while, but you are not building a song in the first place. You're building a sequence. You got audio tracks for each sequence and all its in song mode where you link them up. There you can setup the proper sequences in the order you like.

Though if Akai upgraded the MPC's song mode to actually record, that would be huge. If its been done, my bad :D