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By mdpinder Mon Sep 06, 2021 4:03 pm
Hi All,

Just got my MPC studio black fired up, and picked up my first 2 expansions: F9 Essential 808 MPC Beats edition, and Drums That Knock MPC Beats addition, and I noticed upon purchasing them that they are good for a year? Does that mean once a year has passed, I will lose my possession of everything included in each of those bundles? Additionally, especially if that is the case, what are some good sources of Expansion packs so that I can get some more drum kits, and instruments, etc.? Ideally that I dont lose access to after a year. While I dont need them to be free, that would be cool, but I just struggle to purchase expansions that I only get to have for 12 months.

Open to any thoughts or opinions on this subject as well, given that I am just beginning to dive into this rabbit-hole of MPC beat production.

Thank you!
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By MPC-Tutor Mon Sep 06, 2021 4:12 pm
Once you download an expansion from Akai it's yours to keep, it won't 'expire' on your computer. But if you ever need to re-download (e.g. computer crash and you didn't backup the expansion) you'll find your actual download link expired a few days after purchase. So you can 'protect' your download link for an extra 12 months by paying extra during check out. Outrageous! So make sure you make backup copies now.

I have many MPC expansions on my site, including freebies and your download links are always available to re-download from your account, no expiration. Like it should be for digital files! ... xpansions/