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By coolsheet Fri Sep 24, 2021 2:25 pm

Last time I made a beat was in 2011 when my studio was struck by lightening and burned to the ground. SO I've been out the game awhile. We had a 4000 and a 1000 then, would make all beats on the unit (obviously with an added internal drive), and then record into pro tools to track out. Don't remember exactly what we did here, but I do remember we got a cleaner sound not using the automated way of doing it and recording track by track into protools.

Obviously making a beat was a grueling process. I'm not trying to enter a new grueling process.

Also, I want to have flexibility. Meaning if I need to take the stand alone unit to the studio I want to be able to do that.

So as Im setting everything up, tons of questions are coming to mind. The main thing is I want everything to be seamless as much as possible and work for me, not make me work for it.

Before my questions all give some bullets on what my ideal setup may look like with equipment I have.

Midi Keyboard
VST Plugins

Outside of effects, reverbs, etc etc I won't be using any vst's on the MPC. I like to have more control over the notes and chords with a midi keyboard.


1. It seems as though production could be streamlined much more efficiently by tracking out into the MPC software as I make the beat. But eventually want to get into using other VST plugins such as Arcade for example. With VSTs and effects, I'm assuming the best way to do this would be to run through the MPC software? Obviously where the answer would be a no is if there's a better way to track out live as your making the beat.
2. So with that in mind, and considering I want to have the flexibility of using it as a stand alone unit, I want to make sure my assumption of the best way to set this up is the most practical. Use the software to sequence and the unit as a midi controller. Get an external hard drive I only use for the MPC X if I need to take it to another studio. Open to comments here. Is it the most practical?
3. I cant for the life of me figure out how to get my expansions on to the stand alone unit. I can see them in the software.
4. VSTs that came with the MPC X. I have no idea how to access these in the stand alone unit. I think they're in the computer. I've downloaded and activated with the code but tried to locate the VST to load it on my computer and couldn't find an actual application file, only the authorization. I'm assuming it's because the VST only works with the MPC software? THat doesn't reall make sense to me, but again I'm 10 years new.

I know I have more questions but thats all I can think of right now. Thanks in advance!
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By NearTao Fri Sep 24, 2021 5:18 pm
You're probably better off watching YouTube videos of how people are working in the new MPC line. You can absolutely do what you're looking for, but you've got me concerned about the 'no grueling process' part. I mean... a lot of this is really straight forward once you know what you're doing... but you're going to have to put some time in to determine what works best for you, it will be hard for a lot of us to just outline a process for you without knowing what you're trying to do case by case.

1. This is a big maybe... it sounds like you want a DAW, and in controller mode you can stream out a lot of tracks at a time (I think 32, but I don't work this way... so not sure)... or if you're on the MPC Live you can do 6 tracks, or MPC X can do 8 tracks at a time... but the USB audio interface into the MPC One/X/Live does bring in some new opportunities... just no experience for me here with he USB interface...
2. I'm not sure why you want to use the MPC in standalone also with the MPC Software... seems counter intuitive to me... but maybe you mean some other software?
3. You need to export the expansions to a drive... USB, SD, or something else... it's in the software that you do this.
4. The VSTs can only run from your computer... so to access them from the MPC X you need some kind of DAW that can load the VSTs and then you can either control them through the software or send midi from the MPC to the DAW.