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By Normski22 Fri Jun 10, 2022 9:39 am
Hi to all!!
Sound problems. load up a factory demo. or a single bar beat as test. play or start. it works great. next time maybe again, great. stop it. repress start, it plays ok for maybe about 3 seconds. vol increases and the entire sound goes crazy, its like a music version of a on stage mic feed back. ear damage, WOW! unplug controller and runs track or beat via the computer, same result. OK, unplug all speaks and do again, just on the silly laptop speakers, same again. Ok re- install all sound packs. Same again. OK, delete all suond packs, reinstall, AND, same again. First couple of days I had it, it was all fine, then this all started. I can't work it out, sometimes its plays OK, another No, no not playing this game. I am now reinstalling the entire softwear, and going to try and start a fresh install from square one ! I am getting near the end of it, before it decorates a draw or selling it, SAD,, Sent message off to company, waiting for a reply. 99% probability its a softwear problem I am sure, maybe a bug, who knows. OOh yes, And I shut the MPC Prog down open up say Youtube or a film perfect everytime. As in now, NO ideas, running out of them,haha. GRRRRR! HAH..