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By acmusic Sun Jan 29, 2023 2:43 pm
I have the MPC Live (original) and I can use that just fine. However, whenever I try to use the software without the MPC, or on my secondary setup where I don't have my MPC, I can never figure out how to load a plugin or browse my drums. Everything is empty, except those 4 free plugins it comes with. I can't even load them... I have a plugin track, I can't click them, I can't drag them, nothing.

Then in the drum part, there are 0 drums. Why does the MPC software have no drums at all? Shouldn't the software have the same exact drums that my MPC has? I bought expansions way back in 2018 and nothing shows up. Stock or expansion.
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By Telefunky Sun Jan 29, 2023 4:23 pm
Maybe you didn‘t install content or it happened to go into the wrong path, so the software doesn‘t see it.
Iirc installation was a 2 step process, 1st driver and software, then content.
Content needs to be at the default location (initially), otherwise one has to change the location in preferences according to personal choice. My memory is faint, though. :hmmm: