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By dj e.d.e Wed Aug 02, 2006 3:51 am

The following is a partial list of record labels, both past and present. From a business perspective, many present labels are part of the "Big Four" record companies which hold over 75% of the market share ($25 billion market). (Compare with the "Big Six" film companies.) These are:

[*]Universal Music Group ($7 billion revenue), which includes A&M, Decca/London, Deutsche Grammophon, Geffen, Interscope, Island Def Jam, Motown, Philips, Rampagge, Universal, and others;
[*]Sony BMG Music Entertainment ($5 billion), which includes: Arista, (American) Columbia, Epic, J, Jive, LaFace, Ravenous, RCA and others;
[*]EMI Group ($4 billion), which includes Angel, Blue Note, Capitol, European Columbia, Elektrola, Odeon, Parlophone, Pathé Marconi, Positiva, Virgin and others;
[*]Warner Music Group (a.k.a. WEA) ($2.5 billion), which includes Asylum, Atlantic, Elektra, Erato, Heiress, Reprise, Rhino, Rykodisc, Sire, Sub Pop (49% Warner ownership), and others.
These corporations have bought or merged with and now operate many of the labels listed below. For independent record labels, see Independent record labels.

2 Seas Records
2Fab Records
10 Kilo Records
101 Records
111 Records
143 Records
1st and 15th Records
20th Century Records
21-3 Records
2Tone Records
36 Records
31 Records
3C Records
3D Vision Records
48 Crash
4AD Records
5 Minute Walk
504 Records
550 Records
555 Recordings
604 Records
679 Recordings
75 Ark
77 Records
! Records

A-F Records
A Different Drum
A&D Records
A&M Records
Abbey Records
ABC-Paramount Records
ABC Dunhill Records
ABC Records
ABKCO Records
Abner Records
Absolutely Kosher Records
Academy Beebop Records
Acanta Records
Accent Records
Accord Records
Ace Fu Records
Ace-Hi Records
Ace of Clubs Records
Ace of Hearts Records
Ace Records
Acme Records
Aco Records
Acoustic Americana
Active Neo Psy Recordings
Adams Disques
ADD Records
Adda Records
Additive Records
Adelphi Records
ADHD Records
Adès Records
Adeline Records
Advent Records
Aeolion Records
Afka Records
Aftermath Entertainment
Aftermath Music
Aggro Berlin
Agit-Prop Records
Agitprop! Records
Agora Music
Ahura Mazda Records
Aim Records
Ajax Records (Chicago-based label in late 20th century)
Ajax Records (Quebec-based label in 1920s)
Aladdin Records
Alamo Records
Alampo Records
Albany Records
Albatros Records
Alchemy Records (US)
Alchemy Records (Japan)
Aleph Zero Records
Alfa Matrix
Alia Vox
All-Star Records
All Around The World
All Platinum Records
All Saints Records
Alligator Records
Almo Sounds
Altamira Records
Altarus Records
Alternative Tentacles
AM:PM Records
Ambitus Records
Amco Records
American Gramaphone
American Music Records
American Record Company
American Record Corporation
American Recordings
Amha Records
Amon Ra Records
Ampex Records
Amphetamine Reptile Records
Amphion Records
Amphoteric Records
Amy Records
Analekta Records
Anchor Records
Andante Records
Andie Records
Angel Records
Angel Air Records
Annette Records
Anthem Records
Anti-Creative Records
Anti Records
Anticon Records
Antilles Records
Antler-Subway Records
Anxious Records
Apex Records
Apollo Records
Aporia Records
Appassionato Records
Appian Publications and Recordings
Applause Records
Apple Records
April Records
Aquarius International Music
Aquarius International Music, Europe
ARA Records
Arabesque Recordings
Arbiter Recording Company
ARC Records
Arcade Records
Arcadia Records
Archetype Records
Architecture Label
Architecture Records
Argo Records (UK based label)
Argo Records (US based label)
Arhoolie Records
Ariel Records
Ariola Records
Arion Records
Arista Records
Aristocrat Records
Ark 21 Records
Arkay Records
Arkiv Produktion
Arlen Records
Arp Schintger Records
Ars Musici
Arte Nova Records
Artemis Records
Arto Records
Arts & Crafts
Asbestos Records
Asian Man Records
Asphodel Records
Asthmatic Kitty Records
ASR Records
Astro Impossible
ASV Records
Asylum Records
Atavistic Records
Atco Records
Atlantic Jaxx
Atlantic Records
ATO Records
Attack Records
Attic Records (Canada)
Attic Records (UK)
Au Go Go Records
Audible Hiss Records
Audio Blueprint
Audio Fidelity
Audiodiscs Records
Audiofon Records
Audio Reconnaissance
Audite Records
Audition Records
Aurora Records
Austrophon Records
Autograph Records
Autumn Records
Auvidis Astrée Records
Avco Records
Avebury Records
AVEX Records
Avitone Records
Awareness Records
Awareness Raises Truth Records (A.R.T.)
Axa Valaha Records
Axess Code
Axis Records
Azteca Records
Azuli Records

Babel Label
Bad Boxr Records
B-Unique Records
Baby Records
Babygrande Records
Back Beat Records
Back Road Records
Bad Boy Records
Bad Hand Records
Bad Taste
Bad Taste Records
Baldwin Records
Bam In Your lady's private parts Records
Bandwagon Records
Bang Records
Banner Records
Bar/None Records
Barclay Records
Barcode Recordings
Barking Pumpkin Records
Barrelhouse Records
Barsuk Records
Basic Beat Recordings
Battleaxe Records
Bay Area Thrash Records
Bayou Records
BC Recordings
Bearsville Records
Beatservice Records
Beauty of Pain
Bedrock Records
Beeda Records
Beggars Banquet Records
Beka Records
Bell Records
Belle Arti Records
Bellmark Records
Below Par Records
Beltona Records
Belvedere Records
Benbecula Records
Benson Records
Berliner Gramophone
Beta Recordings
Bethlehem Records
Bettini Company Records
Beverly Glen Records
Beyond Control Records
Beyond Logic Records
Bibletone Records
Biddulph Recordings
Bieler Bros. Records
Big-H Recordings
Big Beat Records
Big Brother
Big Cat Records
Big Dada Records
Big Life Records
Big Love Records
Big Neck Records
Big Top Records
Big Tree Records
Big Wheel Recreation
Big Wig Enterprises
Bigshot Music Group
Bigtyme Recordz
Biltmore Records
Binary Dilemma Records
Bingo Beats
Bingola Records
Biograph Records
Birdman Records
BIS Records
Bitter Like the Bean Records
Bizarre Records
Black & White Records
Black Box Records
Black Hole Recordings
Black Lotus Records
Black Majic Recods
Black Mark Records
Black Market Records
Black Note Records
Black Patti Records
Black Rain Records
Black Sun Empire Recordings
Black Sun Records
Black Swan Records
Black Wall Street Records
BlackCat Music Group
Blanco y Negro Records
Blaze Records
Blind Pig Records
Blood And Fire Records
Bloodshot Records
Bloody Fist Records
Blue Ace Records
Blue Amberol Records
Blue Cat Records
Blue Goose Records
Blue Harvest Records
Blue Martin Records
Blue Note Records
Blue Rock Records
Blue Room Released
Blue Thumb Records
Bluebeat Records
Bluebird Records
Bluelight Records
Blueplate Records
Blueprint Records
Blues Beacon Records
Blues Classics Records
Blues Matters Records
Bluesville Records
Bluesway Records
Bluurg Records
Boardwalk Records
Bobo Records
Body Head Entertainment
Bollocks, It's Raining Records
Boltfish Recordings
Bon Marche Records
BonaFide Records
Boner Records
Bong Load Custom Records
Bonzai Records
BooM! Records
Boomtown Records
Booya Music Records
Borae' Records
Borderline Records
Box-O-Plenty Records
Brah Records
Brassland Records
Braxton House
Breakbeat Kaos
Breakbeat Science Records
Bridge 9 Records
Bridge Entertainment LLC
Bridge Records, Inc.
Bright Lights Burning Records
Brilliant Records
Broadcast Records
Broadcast Twelve Records
Broadmoor Records
Broadway Records
Broken Complex Records
Broken Spoke Records
Bros Records
Brother Records
Bruce Records
Brume Records
Brunswick Records
Brushfire Records
Brute/Beaute Records
BSD Records
Buckeye Records
Buddah Records
Buddy Records
Buddyhead Records
Bugs Crawling Out of People
Bullet Records
Bump Entertainment Group
Bunker Records
Business Deal Records
Burial Mix Records
Burning Heart Records
Busy Bee Records
Butter Beat Records
BWDM Records
BYG Actuel
BYO Records

C&S Records
C.I.A. Records
C/Z Records
Cacophonous Records
Cadence Records
Cadet Records
Caedmon Audio
Cala Records
Calliope Records
Calvin Records
Cameo-Kid Records
Cameo-Parkway Records
Cameo Records
Canaan Records
Candid Records
Candle Records
Candy Ass Records
Canyon Records
Capitol Records
Caprice Records
Capriccio Records
Capricorn Records
Captiva Records
Caravan of Dreams Productions
Carbon Copy Media
Carbon Records
Cardinal Records
Cargo Industries
Caribou Records
Carnival Records
Caroline Records
Carpark Records
Carrot Top Records
Carwer Recordings
Casablanca Records
Cascadia Experimental
Cash Money Records
Catskills Records
Cause 4 Concern Recordings
Cavalier Records
CBS Masterworks Records
Cedille Records
Celestius Records
Celtic Heartbeat Records
Celtic Music Records
Celtophile Records
Century Media Records
Cetra Records
Chain Reaction Records
Chainsaw Cassettes
Chainsaw Records
Challenge Records
Champion Records
Chance Records
Chancellor Records
Chandos Records
Chappelle and Stinnette Records
Chapter Music
Charge Recordings
Charged Records
Charisma Records
Charnel Music
Chatauqua Records
Checker Records
Chemikal Underground
Cherry Red
Cherrytree Records
Chesky Records
Chess Records
Chi Sound Records
China Records
Chocodog Records
Choke Chain Records
Chrysalis Records
Circle Records
Citizen Records
Citrus Recordings
City Centre Records
Claddagh Records
Clangor Records
Clarion Records
Classics for Pleasure Records
Claxtona Records
Clay Records
Clean-up Records
Cleartone Records
Cleopatra Records
Cleveland International Records
Clif Records
Climax Records
Clockwork Entertainment
Clone Records
Clover Records
Clubbo Records
Clueless Records (GH)
Co & Ce Records
Co-Conspirator Productions
Code 5 Records
Cod Records
Cold Chillin' Records
Cold Feet Records
Colgems Records
Coliseum Records
Collectables Records
Collins Classics
Colortone Records
Colpix Records
Columbia Masterworks Records
Columbia Records
Comatose Records
Combat Records
Comfort Stand Records
Command Performance Records
Command Records
Commercial Suicide Records
Commodore Records
Commotion Records
Compass Records
Complete Control Music
Composers Recordings, Inc
Compost Records
Concert Records
Concertone Records
Concord Records
Conifer Records
Connorized Records
Conqueror Records
Constellation Records
Contemporary Records
Continental Records
Cooking Vinyl Records
Cooltempo Records
Coral Records
Cornerstone R.A.S.
Coronet Records
Corporate Punishment Records
Corpus Hermeticum
Corwood Industries
COP International
County Records
CPO Records
Cracknation Records
Crafty Plugz
Crafty Records
Crank! Records
Crass Records
Crave Records
Crazy Music
CRD Records
Cream Records
Creation Records
Creative Sources Recordings
Credential Recordings
Creed Taylor, Incorporated
Crescent City Records
Crescent Records
CRG Records
CRI Records
Crimes Against Humanity Records
Criminal IQ Records
Critical Recordings
Critona Records
Croatia Records
Crown Records
Cruise Control Records
Crunchy Frog Records
Crying Sun Records
Cryz Records
Cub Records
Cube Records
Culburnie Records
Cumberland Records
Cuneiform Records
Cup of Tea Records
Curb Records
Curry's Records
Curtom Records
Cutiepop Records
Cyclone Records
Cylon Records
Cympophane Records
Cypress Records

D-Trash Records
D.P.G. Recordz
D1 Music
D1 Recordings
Daemon Records
Damaged Goods
Damon Records
Dana Records
dance to the radio
Dancing Cat Records
Dandelion Records
Dandy Records
Dangerhouse Records
Dante Records
Daptone Records
Dark Duck Records
Dark Horse Records
Darktown Records
Darwin Records
Data Records
Davega Records
Davis & Schwegler Records
Dawn Records
DaySpring Records
DC Flag Records
DCC Compact Classics
De Luxe Records
Dead Daisy Records
Dead Language Records
Deary Me Records
Death Row Records
Death Elektro
Deathbomb Arc
Deathdeaf Records
Deathknot Records
Deathlike Silence Productions
Debut Records
Decaydance Records
Decca Records
Deck Cheese
Deconstruction Records
Dedicated Records
Def American
Def Jam Records
Defected Records
Definitive Jux
DefOut Records
DefSTAR Records
Delerium Records
Delos Records
Deluxe Records
Demagogue Productions
Dembitzer Records
Democracy Records
Demon Records
Denon Records
Dependent Records
Deptford Fun City Records
Deram Records
Derby Records
Derrty Ent.
Derrty Records
Desert Song Special Records
desperate diagram
De Stijl Records
Destructible Records
Detour Records
Deutsche Grammophon
Deviation Records
Dez Only 1 Records
Dial Records
Dick Bros Record Company
Difference Music
Digital Habitat Productions
Digital Hardcore Recordings
Dippee Records
Direct Hit Records
Disc Jockey
Dischord Records
Dischord Records
Discipline Global Mobile
Disco Blanco Recordings
Discos Mariscos
Discos Taxco
Discover Records
Discovery Records
Distance Records
Distort Entertainment
Disturbing Tha Peace
Diva Records
Dixieland Jubilee Records
Dixieland Records
DJM Records
DMP Records
Doggystyle Records
Doghouse Records
Dolton Records
Dominion Records
Domino Records 1917
Domino Records 1924
Domino Records 1933
Don Giovanni Records
Dootone Records
DoomPenguin Industires
Dope House Records
Dorado Records
Dore Records
Dorian Records
DOS Records
Dot Records
Dot Dash
Double D Records
Downtown Records
DPG Recordz
Dr Jazz Records
Drag City
Dragon Records
Dragon Street Records
Dragonfly Records
Dream On Records
Dreamworks Records
Drive-Thru Records
Dro Records
Drown Megan Records
DRT Entertainment
DSFA Records
DTP Records
Dub From Atlantis
Dub Records
Duck Records
Duke Records
Duke Street Records
Dunhill Records
Duophone Records
Duophonic Records
Duplex Records
Durium Records
Dust Traxx Records
Dutch East India Trading Company
Duurtlang Records
DVS Records
Dynasty Records

Eagle Records
Eagle Rock Records
Earache Records
Eargasm Records
Earwig Music Company
East Side Records
Eastern Conference Records
Eastwest Records
Eat Your Own Meat Records
Ebullition Records
Echo Records
Eclypse Records
Edel Music
Edison Bell Records
Edison Bell Winner Records
Edison Records
Edition Lilac
Eel Pie Records
EF Records
Eje Records
El Cartel Records
Eldethorn Records
Electradisk Records
Electric Honey Records
Electric Monkey Records
Electrola Records
Electron Records
Electronic Dope Records
Elektra Records
Elementree Records
Elephant 6
Elysium Records
EMAK Production Records
Emanem Records
EmArcy Records
Embassy Records
Emerald Bay Records
Emerald Records
Emergency Records
Emerson Records
EMI America Records
EMI Christian Music Group
EMI Classics
Emperor Entertainment Group
Emperor Norton Records
End Records
Endlezz Hustle Recordz
Energy Records
Enigma Records
Enjoy Records
Ensign Records
Enterprise Records
Entr'acte Recording Society
Epic Records
Epitaph Records
Epitonic Records
Equal Vision Records
Equator Records
Era Records
Erato Records
Eric Records
Eroica Classical Recordings
Ersatz Audio
Erstwhile Records
Esperanza Plantation
ESP Records
Esquire Records
Essential Records
Essex Records
Estrus Records
Eternal Records
Eubie Blake Music Records
Eulogy Recordings
Everybody's Records
Evil Office
Evoke Records
Excel Records
Excello Records
Exo Records
Exodus Records
Exogenic Records
Exponential (record label)
Extasy Records
Eyeball Records
Eyeball Records with men
Eye Q

F-Beat Records
Facedown Records
Factory Records
Faith & Hope
Falcon Records
Falcon Records
Falling A Records
Fania Records
Fantasy Records
Fast Lyfe Records
Fast Kill Records
Fast Product
Fat Cat Records
Fat City Records
Fat Wreck Chords
Fearless Records
Federal Records
Feel The Quality Records
Fellside Records
Felony Records
Felsted Records UK
Felsted Records US
Ferret Records
Festival Mushroom Records
Festival Records
FFRR Records
Fierce Panda Records
File Thirteen Records
Fire Records
Firestar Records
Firecode Core
Firefly Sessions
First Avenue Records
First Cut Underground Recordings UK
First National Records
Flair Records
Flat Earth Records
Flawless Records
Fledgling Records
Flex Records
Flicker Records
Flip Records
Flipmode Records
Flipside Records
Fly Records
Flying Nun Records
Flying Rhino Records
Flying Tart
Flyright Records
Flyte Tyme Records
FM Records
FMP/Free Music Production
Folkways Records
Fondle 'Em Records
Fontana Records
Food Records
Fools of the World
ForeFront Records
Four Music
Fourth And Broadway Records
Fowl Records
Fraternity Records
FR records
FRE Records
Freakdance Records
Free Sample Zone
Frenchkiss Records
Fresh Records
Frigital Records
Frog Records
Frontier Records
Frontline Records
FSUK Records
**** Tapes
Fuel 2000
Fueled by Ramen
Full Surface Records
Fury Records
Future Farmer Records

G-Unit Records
G7 Welcoming Committee Records
Galaxy Records
Galaxy21 Music
Galilee of the Nations
Gallium Arsenide
Gallo Record Company
Gamble Records
Ganja Records
Garpax Records
Gee Records
Gee Street Records
Geffen Records
General Records
Gennett Records
Geska Records
Geykido Comet Records
Ghetto Ruff Records
Ghostlight Records
Giant Records
Gifted Records
Glitterhouse Records
Glowworm Records
Go Kart Records
Go! Beat Records
Go! Discs Records
GoDigital Records
Golden Alliance Entertainment
Gold Castle Records
Gold Mountain Records
Gold Standard Laboratories
Gold Star Records
Goodbye Blue Skies
Good Earth Records
Goodfellow Records
Gooom Disques
Gotee Records
Gourd Music
Green Label
Greyday Productions
GreatNiss Entertainment
GRT Records (General Recorded Tape)
GuardRaiL Records

H&L Records
Half A Cow
Hall of Sermon
Hammermill Records
Hand Of Hope
Hands Productions
Hangman Records
Hannibal Records
Hansa Records
Happy Go Lucky Records
Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
Harmless Records
Harmograph Records
Harmonia Mundi
Harmony Records (there are two labels with this name: an early 1970s division of Columbia, and a label founded by Beres Hammond in the 1980s)
Harvard Records
Harvest Records
Hat Hut
Hazzard Records
HBR Records
Headphone Dust
Headwrecker Records
Heavenly Records
Hedbone Records
Heiress Records
HellCat Records
Hep-Me Records
Herald Records
Heres My Card Records
Heritage Records
Herwin Records
Hevy Devy Records
Hi Records
Hideout Records
Hiero Imperium
High Karate
High Street Records
Higher Ground Records
Higher Octave Music Records
Hightone Records
Hillbilly Stew Records
Hip-O Records
Hip Records
Hit of the Week Records
Hit Records
Hitone Records
Hive Records
Hockey Dad Records
Hokey Pokey Records
Hollywood Records
Homestead Records
Homochord Records
Hänssler Classic
Hooj Choons
Hopeless Records
Horizon Records
Hospital Records
Hot Club of America
Hot Wax Records
Hotspot Entertainment
Household Name Records
Houseopolis Records
Hudson Records
Human Condition Records
Human Recordings
Humming Bird Records
Hungry Hustler Records
Hut Records
Hyperion Records
Hypnotize Minds
Hytone Records

I Sea Music
I-Surrender Records
I-Town Records
I.R.S. Records
IA Records (International Artists, Houston TX)
IBC Records
Iberia Records
Iboga Records
Icarus Music Records
Icon Clad Records
Idea Records
III Records
Ill Will Records
Illect Recordings
Illegal Records
Illumination Records
Illuminating Technologies
IllyRap Recordings
Immediate Records
Immergent Records
Immigrant Sun Records
Immortal Records
IMP Records
Impact Records
Imperial Records
Impulse! Records
Initial Records
In Records
In Trance We Trust
Incentive Records
Incus Records
Independiente Records
Indestructible Records
Indi Script Records
Indian Ledge Records
Industrial Records
Inebriated Records
Infectious Records
Infinite Zero Records
InFiNiTi ReCoRdS
Innocent Records
Inpop Records
Instinct Records
Intec Records
Interdimensional Transmissions
Interleaved Records
International Artists Records
International DeeJay Gigolo Records
Interphon Records
Interscope Records
Interstate Records
Invicta Records
Invicta Hi-Fi Records
Invictus Records
Invisible Records
Ipecac Recordings
IRS Records
Island Blue Records
The Island Def Jam Music Group
Island Records
ISR Records
It's The Phillips Records

J Records
J.O.B. Records
Jackson Rubio
Jade Tree Records
Jamburger Records
JamCat Records
Janomi Records
Jarrah Records
Jasmine Records
Jass Records
Jazz Crusade Records
Jazz Fudge Records
Jazz Records
Jazzis Records
Jazzland Records
Jazzman Records
Jazzology Records
JDub Records
Jeepster Records
Jester Records
Jet Records
Jewel Records
Jin Records
Jive Records
JMG Records
JMT Recordzs
Joe & Joey Records
Johanns Face Records
Josie Records
JSP Records
Juana Records
Judd Records
Judgement Records
Juke Box Records
Jumbo Records
Jump Records
Jump Start Records
Junior Boys Own Records
Junkbait Music
Just Music

K-Ark Records
K-tel Records
K Records
K&K Verlagsanstalt
Kaifa Records
Kalmia Records
Kalophone Records
Kama Sutra Records
Kanine Records
Kaos Records
Kapow Records
Kapp Records
Kappa Records
Karmageddon Media
Kedar Records
Keen-O-Phone Records
Kent Records
Kentucky Records
Kerascene Music
Key Op Records
Key Records
Keynote Records
Kickball Records
Kicking Mule Records
Kildare Records
Kill Rock Stars
Killnormal Records
Kimbo International
Kindercore Records
King Records (Germany,Dorsten)
King Records (Japan)
King Records (USA)
Kinkt Records
Kinky Star Records
Kirk Records
Kismet Records
Kiss The Stone Records
Kitty Play Records
KMFDM Records
Knitting Factory
Koch Records
Koko Pop
Kokomo Records
Kolob Records
Kommunion Recording Company
Konvict Music
Koolarrow Records
Koyote Records
Kracfive Records
Kriminal Rekordz
Kross Over Entertainment
Kung Fu Records

L+R Records
Label X
Labrador Records
l'age d'or
LaBelle Records
LacedMilk Technologies
LaFace Records
Lakeside Records
La-La Land Records
Last Beat Records
Last Chance Records
Last Gang Records
Latent Records
Laurie Records
Lava Records
Lazy S.O.B. Recordings
Le Cam Records
Leader Records
Leadmark Records
The Leaf Label
Leeds Talk-O-Phone
LeFrak-Moelis Records
Legacy Recordings
Legend Heart Records, LLC.
Lenox Records
Leo Records
Levaphone Records
Level-Plane Records
Lex Records
LHI Records
Liberation Records
Liberty Music Shop Records
Liberty Records
Library Records
Life Among The Dead Enterpriss
Lifesong Records
Limb Music
Limelight Records
Lincoln Records
Line Out Records
Linguaphone Records
Linkan Records
Linn Records
Liquid Three Records
Liquor And Poker Music
Listenable Records
Listen Hear Records
Little America Records
Little Marvel
Little Red Button Records
Little Blue Button Records
Little Wonder Records
Live Reports
Livingroom Records
Lizard King Records
LKJ Records
LLR Records
Lo-max Records
Load Records
Loaded Records
Lobster Records
LOCA Records
Locked On Records
Locomotive Music
Locust Music
Logo Records
London Records
Long Beach Records
Lookout! Records
Lost & Lonesome Recording Co.
Lost Cat Records
Lost Disciple Records
Lost Highway Records
Lost Language
Lost Room Records
Loud Records
Love Records
Love Minus Zero Records
Low Life Records
Low Profile Records
Low Transit Industries
LSO Live
Luaka Bop
Lucky Four Records
Lucky Eleven Records
Lucky Records
Lucid Records
LRRC (Luddite Rural Recording Cooperative)
Ludgate Records
Lujo Records
Luke Records
Luke Skywalker Records
Lyraphone Records
Lyric Records
Lyric Street Records

M Records
M Perfect Records
M&G Records
M&M Records
Ma Records
Machinery Records
Machete Music
Machine Shop Recordings
Mad-Kat Records
Made In Mexico Records
Madison Records
Mafia Records
Magic Circle Music
Magna Carta Records
Magnanimous Records
Magnet Records
Magpie Records
Mailboat Records
Main Street Records
Maison De Soul
Majestic Records
Major Label Music Network
Major Minor Records
Make Believe Records
Mala Records
Malaco Records
Maltby Media
MAM Records
Mamlish Records
Mammoth Records
Man's Ruin Records
Mango Records
Manhattan Records
Manifesto Records
Manopoly Records
Manor Records
Manticore Records
Mantra Records
MapleMusic Recordings
Marathon Records
Marco Polo Records
Margera Records
Market Square Records
Marine Parade Records
Marlin Records
Marlin Records (Australia)
Marsalis Music
Masquerade Records
Master Plan Records
Masterpiece Records
Masterworks Records
Masti Music INDIA
Matador Records
Matrix Digital Audio Corporation
Matsuri Productions
Matty Grooves Records
Maverick Records
Maycon Records
Mayflower Records
MCA Nashville Records
MCA Records
Medallion Records
Medea Records
Mediarts Records
Medusa Records
Megaforce Records
Melee Records
Mellowdrama records
Melodisc Records
Melody Records
Melotone Records
Melva Records
Mental Records
Merck Records
Mercury Nashville Records
Mercury Records
Merge Records
Meridian Records
Merrit Records
Metal-Is Records
Metal Blade Records
Meteor Records
Metro Recordings
Metro Records
Metropolis Records
MGM Records
MGM Records Nashville
Micetrap Records
mid-fi records
Middle Pillar Presents
Mighty Atom Records
Mighty Peace Records
Milan Entertainment
Milestone Records
Milk Records
Mindbender Records
Ministry of Sound
Minit Records
Mint Records
Missing Link Records
Misra Records
MJJ Records Records
Mo'Wax Records
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Mobbfya Blakk Records
Moda Records
Modern Records
Modular Recordings
Mojo Records
Mokum Records
Monarch Records
Monarchy Music
Mono Vs Stereo
Monotreme Records
Monstaar Records
Monster, Monster Records
Montgomery Ward Records
Monument Records
Moon Ska
Moon Ska World
Moonglow Records
Moonshine Records
Moonstruck Records
Moribund Cult Records
Morphius Records
Mortarhate Records
Mosaic Records
Moseley Shoals Records
Moshi Moshi Records
Motor Music Records
Motown Records
Moving Shadow
Mr. Lucky Records
MSR Classics
Mt. Fuji Records
MTM Records
Multiply Records
Murder Inc. Records
Muskadine Records
Mush Records
Mushroom Records
Music Box Records
Music For Nations Records
Music for Pleasure
Music Hall
Music Man Records
Music Masters Records
Musicraft Records
Musiphone Records
Mute Records
Mutant Pop Records
Myrrh Records
MY1 Global Source Recordings
Myspace Records

N-Coded Music
Naked Music
Napalm Records
Narada Records
Nardis Records
Narita Records
Nation Records
National Music Lovers Records
National Recording Corporation
New Classical Adventure
Neighborhood Records
Nein Records
Neo Ouija
Neptune Records
New Glue Records
New Orleans Records
New West Records
New World Records
New York Philharmonic CDs
Next Generation Records
Next Plateau Records
Nice Dreams Music
Nighthawk Records
Nike Snackfood Agency Records
Nimbus Records
Ninetone Records
Ninja Tune
Nitro Records
Nitto Records
NiteCrawlerz Recordz
Nixa Records
NK-Rock-City Records
No Idea Records
No Limit Records
NO Records
No Remorse Records
Noise Records (Germany)
Noise Records (UK)
Nonesuch Records
Noor Media
Nordskog Records
Noriq Records
Northern Records
Northwestside Records
Norton Records
Not Not Fun
Nothing Records
Novamute Records
Now-again Records
NPG Records
NTone Records
Nuclear Blast
Nude Records
Nursery Records

Oak Knoll Productions
Ode Records
Odeon Records
Offbeat Entertainment
Odeonette Records
Off White Records
Og Music
Ogun Records
Oh! Map Records
Okeh Records
Old europa cafe
Olfactory Records
Olympia Records
Om Records
On U Sound
Ondine Records
One Records
One Little Indian Records
One Ton Records
Open Bar Entertainment
Operaphone Records
Opus 111 Records
ORANGE FACTORY acoustic arts
Orange Record Label
Orange Twin Records
Orfeo Records
Origin Jazz Library
Original Blues Classics
Original Jazz Classics
Oriola Records
Oriole Records (UK)
Oriole Records (US)
Orphic Records
Osmose Productions
Out of Line Music
Outbreak Records (UK)
Outbreak Records (US)
Outer Rhythm
Outlaw Records
Outlook Music
Outpunk Records
Ovum Recordings
Oxford Records

P.H.A.T. Records
Pablo Records
Pacific Music
Pacific Records
Page Music
Paisley Park Records
Palm Club Records
Palo Duro Records
Pan American Records
Panachord Records
Panart Records
Panda Records
Panorama Records
Pantone Music
Panzerfaust Records
Paper Garden Records
Papillion Records
Paradox Records
Paralysis Enterprises
Paramount Records
Parasite Records
Parrot Records
Partee Records
Pasha Records
Pass It On Records
Pathé Records
Paula Records
P.B.T Entertainment
Peacefrog Records
Peaceville Records
Peacock Records
Peak Plasma Concentration Records
Peanuts & Corn Records
Pearl Records
Peerless Records
Penalty Records
Pennington Records
Pepper Records
Peter Pan Records
Perfect Records
Perfecto Records
Perhaps Transparent
Perspective Records
Phantasie Records
Phantasm Records
Pharmacy Records
Phat Tikk Records
Phil Spector International
Phil Spector Records
Philadelphia International Records
Philharmonic Records
Philips Classics Records
Philips Records
Philles Records
Phillips International Records
Philo Records
Phoenix Records
Phone Jockey Records
Phono-Cut Records
Phonograph Recording Company of San Francisco
Phonokol Records
PIAS Records
Piccadilly Records
Pickwick Records
Pigs Whisker Music
Pinacle Records
Pitched Up Recordings
Plan-It-X Records
Planet Dog
Plant Life Records
Plantation Records
Platforma Records
Platinumberg Entertainment
Platipus Records
Play It Again Sam
Playboy Records
Playhouse Records
Playtime Records
PlayTone Records
Plug Research
Pluto Records
Pneuma Recordings
Point Blank Records
Point Music
Polar Music International
Policy Wheel Records
Polydor Records
Polygon Records
Polyvibe Records
Polyvinyl Record Co.
Pony Canyon Records
Popular Records
Pork Recordings
Porpoise Records
Portland Records
Portrait Records
Posh Boy Records
Positiva Records
Possom Records
Post Present Medium
Postcard Records
Postfact Records
Posthuman Records
Potential Getaway Driver
Potlatch Records
Prawn Song Records
Preamble Records
Precognitive Records
Premier Musique Group
Prestige Records
Pretty Good Records
Primary Music
Princess Records
Priority Records
Priory Records
Prism Records
Private Music
Private Stock Records
Probe Records
Profane Existence
Profile Entertainment
Profile Records
Projector Records
Projekt Records
Propagator Records
Prospect Records
Prosthetic Records
PRT Records
PS Classics
PS Company
PSI Records
PsycheDoomelic Records
Psychopathic Records
Publix Records
Punkcore Records
Punktastic Recordings
Purderous Magina Records
Puretone Records
Puritan Records
Puritone Records
Purple Ribbon Records
Purple Music Switzerland
Purr Records
Putumayo World Music
Pye Golden Guinea Records
Pye International Records
Pye Records

QRS Records
Quality Records
Quango Records
Queen Records
Queen Bee Entertainment
Quiet Storm Records
Quirkworks Laboratory Discs
QuiverMusic Records
Qwest Records
Rhythm Foundations Music

R&S Records
R.A.W. Records
Ra Ra Revolution
Radar Records
Radiant Records
Radical Matters - Editions/label
Radiex Records
Radioactive Records
Raff Records Australia
Rainbo Records
Rainbow Records
Raj Records
Rajah Records
RAK Records
Ralph America
Ram Records
Rama Records
Ramp Records
Rampant Records
Random Records
Random Audio Records
Rap-A-Lot Records
Rare Earth Records
Rasa Music
Rastacan Records
Raven Records
Ravenous Records
RaveOn Records
Rawkus Records
Raymac Records
Razor & Tie
Razorback Records
RBF Records
RCA Records
RCI Records
RCU Records
React Records
Reaction Records
Ready Records
Real World Records
Realtone Records
Recommended Records
Recess Records
Re-Constriction Records
Record Radio
Recordio Records
Red Bird Records
Red Girl Records
Red Robin Records
Red Rooster Records
Red Seal Records
Red Sun Records
Red Tape Records
Redfone Records
Redd Dawg Records
Redder Records
Reed Records
Reference Recordings
Regal Records
Regal Zonophone
Regency Records
Regent Records
Regis Records
Rejoice Records
Rekords Rekords
Relapse Records
Relativity Records
Remington-Morse Records
Remote Control Records
Renaissance Records
Renegade Hardware
Reo Records
Repertoire Records
Rephlex Records
Reprise Records
RES - Registrazioni e Suoni
Resist Records
Resistance Productions
Resistance Records
Resona Records
Respect Records
Restless Records
Restricted Records
Resurrection Records
Retard Disco
Retreat Records
Reunion Records
Rev-ola Records
Revelation Records
Revenant Records
Revival Records
R.evolution I.n P.rogress
Rex Records
Rhino Records
Rhymesayers Entertainment
Rhythm & Sound Records
Rhythm King Records
Rialto Records
Rice N' Gravy Records
Rich Records
Rich-Tone Records
Ride Records
Righteous Babe Records
Rise Above Records
Rise Records
Rising Tide Records
Risk Records
Riva Records
Riverside Records
Riviera Records
RKO/Unique Records
Roadrunner Records
Robbins Entertainment
Roc-a-Fella Records
Rock Action Records
Rock Land Records
Rock Records
Rock Machine Records
Rock Ridge Music
Rocket Records
Rocketown Records
Rodent Popsicle Records
Rodven Records
Rolling Stones Records
Roman Records
Romeo Records
Ronco Records
Rondo Records
Roost/Royal Roost Records
Rootsy Records
Rosetta Records
Rowewater Records
Ross Stores Records
Roswell Records
Rough Trade Records
Roulette Records
Round Records
Rounder Records
Rowdy Records
Roy Strider Records
Royal Records
Royale Records
RPM Records
RRO Entertainment
RSO Records
Ruby Records
Rude Boy Records
Ruf Records
Ruffhouse Records
RuffNation Records
Rune Grammofon
Ruptured Ambitions Records
Rusalka Records
Rushmore Records
Rust Records
Ruthless Records
Rhymesayers Entertainment
Runyon Ave. Records

S-Curve Records
S. Carter Records
S2 Records
Sacred Records
Saddle Creek Records
Saga Records
Sain Records
Saja Records
Salabert Records
Salad Days Records
Salford Records
Salsoul Records
Sanctuary Classics
Sanctuary Records
SAR Records
Sarah Records
Satellite Records
Savana Records
Savoy Records
Savvy Records
SBK Records
Scalla Records
Scepter Records
Schematic Records
Schirmer Records
School Night Records
Science Friction
Scorpion Rising
Scotti Brothers Records
Scout Records
Southern Cross Records
Scratchie Records
Screwgun Records
Secret Records
Secretly Canadian
Secrets of Sound
Seed Records
Seeland Records
Seraphim Records
Seriously Groovy
Serjical Strike Records
Session Records
Seven Kingdoms
Sh-K-Boom Records
Shady Records
Shanachie Records
Sharpshooter Records
Shelflife Records
Shelter Records
Shimmy Disc
Shinkansen Records
Shock Records
Shout Records
Show Dog Records
Shrimper Records
Shrine Records
Sick Room Records, LTD
Sickness Productions
SideCho Records
SideOneDummy Records
Sidewalk Records
Signature Records
Signature Sounds Recordings
Silent Planet Records
Silent Storm Records Ltd
Silent Storm Entertainment Ltd
Silas Records
Silva Screen Records
Silver Bell Records
Silver Girl Records
Silvertone Records
Simple Machines
Sims Records
Sintez Records
Sire London Records
Sire Records
Situation Two Records
Six Degrees Records
Six Finger Records
Skint Records
Skrewed Records
Skunk Records
Sky and Trees Records
Slash Records
Slip N Slide Records
Slowdance Records
Slugtone Records
Small Brain Records
Small Stone Records
Smalltown America
Smash Records
Smashtrax Music
Smells Like Records
Smoke-A-Lot Records
Smokey Chimp Records
Snail Records
Snapper Music
So So Def Recordings
Society Recordings
SOLAR Records
Solid Rock Records
Solid State Records
Solo Art Records
Soma Records
Some Bizarre Records
Sonalux Records
Sonance Records
Sonet Records
Song Bird Records
Sonic Past Music
Sonic Unyon Recording Company
Sonic Wave America
Sonic Wave International
Sonic360 Records
Sonny Clay Records
Sons Club Records
Sony Classical Records
Sony Music Entertainment
Sophisticated Records
Soul Brother Records
Soul Jazz Records
Sound Circus
Sound Riot Records
Sound Stage Seven Records
Sounds Are Active
Southeast Outlaw
Southern Fried Records
Southern Lord Recordings
Southland Records
South Sound Records
Souvenir Records
So Broken Recordings
So Passe Records
So Sweet & Gently Genuine Productions
Spare Change Records
Sparrow Records
Special Records
Specialty Records
Spectre Records
Spiderleg Records
Spikefarm Records
Spinefarm Records
Spitfire Records
Spivey Records
Spokane Records
Spooky Sounds Records
Spun Records
Squareroot Records
Squint Entertainment
SST Records
Stain Studio
Standard Records
Standing Stone Recording Company
Star-day King Records
Star Song Communications
Starless Records
Starr Records
Star Trak
States Records
Stateside Records
Stax Records
STC Recordings
Steady Cam Records
Steed Records
Steelwork Maschine
Steiner-Davis Records
Sterling Records
Sterno Records
Sticky Note Records
Stiff Records
Stilpass Records
Stillborn Records
Stillson Records
Stockholm Records
Stolen Transmission
Stomp Off Records
Stomp Records
Stones Throw Records
Stony Plain Records
Stortbeat Records
Storyville Records
Stradivari Classics
Straight Girl Records
Straight Records
Strange Famous Records
Strange Fruit Records
Street Beat Records
Street Records Corporation
Streetwise Records
Strike First Records
Strong Records
Strummer Recordings
Strut Records
Stubborn Records
Studio !K7
Studio One
Stunt Records
Suave Dog Enterprises
Sub City
Sub Pop
Sub Rosa
Subconscious Communications
Sublight Records
Sublime Frequencies
Subtle Chaos Records
Suburban Hardcore Records
Suburban Noize Records
Such-A-Punch Media
Suckapunch Records
Sudden Death Records
Sue Records
Sugar Hill Records (rap)
Sugar Hill Records (folk)
Suicide Squeeze Records
Summit Records
Sun International Records
Sun Records
Sunday League Records
Sundazed Records
Sunflower Records
Sunrise Records
Sunset Records
Sunshine Records
Superior Records
Supernal Music
Supersoul Records
Supertone Records
Supreme Records
Suprime Music
Surfdog Records
Surprise Attack Records
Surprise Records
Survivor Records
Swaggie Records
Swallow Records
Swan Records
Swan Song Records
Swedge Recordings
Swing Time Records
Swiss Bank Records
Sword Records
Symbiosis Records
Sympathy for the Record Industry
Symphanola Records
Symphony Records
Synthetic Symphony
Syndrome Records
Syphrus Music

Taang! Records
Takoma Records
Tall Poppies
Tamara Records
Tangerine Records
Techniques Records
Teem Records
Teen Angel Records
Teichiku Records
Telarc International Corporation
Tell Tale Records
Telstar Records
Temple Records
Temple US Records
Tempo Records
Temporary Residence Limited
Ten-O-Nine Records
Tennessee Records
Terry Plumming
Tetragrammaton Records
TFR Records
Thanks to You Records
THA ZOO Records
The Black Wall Street Records
The Mezzotint Label
The Winner Records
Third Man Records
Thorp Records
Three Gut Records
Three of many Records
Three One G
Thump Records
Tiara Records
Tic tic bang
Tico Records
Tidy Trax
Tiger Style Records
Tigereye Recordings
Tikal Records
Time Bomb Recordings
Time-Life Records
Times Up Records
Tin Roof Records
TIP World
Titanic Records
TK Records
TNO Entertainment
Toast Hawaii
Todamerica Records
Tofu Records
Tokyo Dawn Records
Tollie Records
Tomato Records
Tommy Gospel Records
TON 4 MUSIC / TON 4 Records
Too Pure
Tooth & Nail Records
Topic Records
Tornado Records
Touch and Go Records
Town Hall Records
Toy's Factory
Track Records
Traffic Violation Records
Tragic Hero Records
Transatlantic Records
Trans Continental Records
Transcopic Records
Transient Records
Trash Aesthetics
Trauma Records
Trax Records
Tree People Records
Tremulant records
trend is dead! records
Trend Records
Triple Crown Records
Trix Records
Triumph Records
Trojan Records
Tru Thoughts
Truant Records
Truck Records
True North Records
True Tone Records
Trustkill Records
TSOP Records
Tuff Gong
Tug Records
Tunnel Records
Turnabout Records
TVT Records
Twisted Records (UK)
Twisted Records (US)

Uglyfuzz Records
Ugly Nephew Records
UK Records
Uncensored Records
UnderCovaz Productionz
Undergroove Records
Undertow Records
Unfun Records
Unholy Records
Uni Records
United Artists Records
United Edge Records
United Records
United Music Records International
Universal City Records
Universal Classics Group
Universal Motown Records Group
Universal Music Group
Universal Records
Universal South Records
Unmatched Brutality Records
Unstable Ape Records
Up Records
Up-Level Records
Uptown Records
Urban Dubz Records
Urbanizm Music
Urban Records
Urban Takeover
Urinine Records
Utopia Records
UZI Suicide

V-COM Records
V.I.P. Records
V2 Records
Vaccination Records
Vagrant Records
VAI Audio
Valhalla Records
Valiant Records
Valley Records
Van Dyke Records
Vanguard Records
Varèse-Sarabande Records
Vaudeville Records
VAWS (Verlag und Agentur Werner Symanek)
VEB Deutsche Schallplatten
Vedantic Arts Recordings
Vee-Jay Records
Velvet Blue Music
Velvet Tone Records
Vendetta Records
Verity Records
Verona Records
Vertigo Records
Verve Records
Vice Records
Victo Records
Victor Records
Victoria Records
Victory Records
Vim Records
Violence Recordings
Viper Records
Virgin Records
Virgin Schallplatten GmbH
Virus Recordings
Vitamin Records
Vital Spark Records
Viva Records
Vocalia Records
Vocalion Records
Voce Della Luna Records
Vodka Tonic Media
Vogue Records
Voiceprint Records
Volcano Records
Volition Records
Volt Records
Volumen 4
Vox Australis
Vox Melba Records
Vox Records

W Records
W-Y Records
W.A.R.? - What Are Records?
Waldorf Music Hall Records
Wallace Records
Wall of Sound
Wallis Original Records
Wand Records
Warcon Enterprises
Warm Records
Warner-Spector Records
Warner Bros.-Seven Arts
Warner Bros. Records
Warner Communications
Warner Curb Records
Warp Records
Warwick Records
Wasp Factory Recordings
Waterbug Records
Waterfront Records
Wax Fruit Records
Wax Trax! Records
Weed Records
Weird System
West Craft Records
Westbound Records
Westport Records
Westside Records
What Have You Records
Whirlin' Disc Records
White Noise Records
White Pine Music
White Whale Records
Whitfield Records
Wichita Recordings
Wildplum Recordings
Wildstar Records
WIN Records
Wind-Up Records
Windfall Records
Windham Hill Records
Windsor Records
Winedark Records
Winter & Winter
WMF Records
Wonder Records
Wooden Nickel Records
Woodworm Records
Word Records
Wordclock Records
Wordsound Recordings
Workshop Jazz Records
World Circuit
World Domination Recordings
World Pacific Records
Woronzow Records
WTII Records
Wu-Tang Productions
Wyncote Records

Xenophile Records
Xing Records
XL Recordings
Xpressway Records
Xtramile Recordings
X-Cell Records

Yambo Records
Yazoo Records
Yellow Brick Records
Yellow Moon Records
Yellow Van Records
Yep Roc Records
Yorkville Records
Yoshitoshi Records
Young God Records
Young Money Entertainment
Your Choice Records
Yoyo Records
YtseJam Records
Yuletide Records
Yum Yum Records

Zapple Records
Ze Records
Zebra Records
Zebra Traffic
Zero Gravity Records
Z-No Records
Zodiac Records
Zoe Records
Zomba Records
Zombie-A-Go-Go Records
Zoo Entertainment
Zoth Ommog Records
ZTT Records
Zuk Records
Zuma Records
Zunior Records
ZYX Music
z5 records
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By episode Wed Aug 02, 2006 9:16 am
Nice find. As a DJ being serviced records from many major labels, I knew a few of these, but this list answers everything.
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By StonesThrow Wed Aug 02, 2006 4:54 pm
damn yo good look.
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By dollabillbeats Wed Aug 02, 2006 6:56 pm
no doubt fam.. thats crazy.. u no some major things..
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By dj e.d.e Thu Aug 03, 2006 5:46 pm
RECORDS ARE MY LIFE.....thats what i do...try to helpmout when possible