Exchange tips and tricks for the Akai MPC4000
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By Cases Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:05 pm
QuickStrike wrote:
I wish I would have read the last comment before I bought my mpc-4000 last month. Now they updated the MPC x with firmware 2.3 and it's beating the hell out of the 4000.

You will be thankful after all, believe me. The X isn't as solid as the 4K. It's a beautiful concept,but the parts are not feeling solid. They feel like they won't survive my beersmoke cave. Man I've slept on my **** pads, and not for once. Some ex-girlfriends told me I drool when I sleep... it's still working man.
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By Lampdog Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:09 pm
JUKE 179r wrote:You can’t polish a turd. :lol:


THIS **** right here. a Public Service Announcement...
...trial and error statement
...way off life sentiment
...truth will set you free type ****
...PREACH!! type ****

all rolled in one. +100