Exchange tips and tricks for the Akai MPC4000
By nyarlathotep Mon Mar 29, 2021 9:00 am
The power cable for Mpc4k main board hdd power output > HDD power input is missing. Replacement required.

There's one on mpcstuff for $18! I mean, $18 for what exactly, vintage cables! Anyway, as I'm based in the uk it'll be way more than that by the time it arrives.

So, does anyone know an exact cable that will work?

And just in case, I've searched the forum but only found a thread that I started 10+ years ago about the same issue but in a different unit! :shock:
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By Lampdog Mon Mar 29, 2021 12:48 pm
You can find these old connectors in thrifts shops, pawn shops, electronics stores. Some people have even laying around from old computers they have put together.

By nyarlathotep Mon Mar 29, 2021 5:44 pm
Good shout man but everything's still shut here. Literal clowns in office so...

I've seen that vid but can't work out much from it as the cables are already in place and there isn't any mention of the actual stock cables connected to the main board (just something about the ones attached to those).

Also, unless I'm mistaken the HDD limit for the mpc4k is 120gb and it is best to format the drive in the mpc4k not on a pc. Another can of worms right there...

Back on topic, I think the cable that connects to the MPC main board hdd power source has a different socket to standard ide type power cables. Does anyone have some pictures of the HDD cable that shipped with the unit?