Exchange tips and tricks for the Akai MPC4000
By Sinius Sat Oct 01, 2022 2:23 pm
Hallo 4k lovers,
i am a practioner since 2014 - So i can´t realy say i am a newbee, but i am stuck into a realy simple thing
and i can not solve it ...

In a DRUM-program i have a synth-pad sound on pad c3
To play a melody or chords i switsh ON the "16 LEVELS" button and assign it to "Tuning"

I can now play different notes and chords, no problem - but they chop eachother out when playing scales!?
Chords are fine - but playing a melody (ledato) is nearly impossible:

NO MUTEgroup involved here!

a) Ok, i play the first note (it´s fine) - Second note playing chops the first note and can´t be heard
(No sound of second note)

b) When i play a melody very slowly it works and it sounds as it should!

c) When i play first note and hold it . I can then play and hear the second note ( While building up a chord)!

d) When no sound on a note - i can hear an kind of envelope acting - like it can´t find a way to open up!?

Any idea what´s wrong here - wrong settings anywhere!?

ps: I am experimenting in the Program EDIT 1+2 (Envelopse) and it´s getting better a bit!

ps: Wanted not to use keygroups-programs anymore because Velocity is then wastet only for VOLUME when performing...
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By Telefunky Mon Oct 03, 2022 10:39 am
Imho you experience just the regular difference between Drum and Keygroup programs.
16levels simply doesn‘t change the nature of the underlying architecture.
So you have to get along with envelope or playback (one shot) tweaking. The latter of course does not sound like legato notes at all, but might be an option for synths.

Maybe focus less on velocity, but rather aftertouch as an alternative for additional expression. :hmmm:
At least it kicks in rather quickly...
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By Telefunky Wed Oct 05, 2022 7:10 pm
As a quick & dirty solution I‘d assign midi CC7 to q-link #1 and use it on the track which contains the program.
(you‘d have to know the program‘s location, dial to the track, and there’s at least a short moment for the transition)

For instantaneous and precise changes I‘d use copies of the program with just loudness variations. Kind of mentally 1 program, but with different attributes.

In real world I‘d prefer a bus/mixer channel for that purpose.
(I‘m rather a newbie to the workflow, though...) :mrgreen: