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By Ajax Fri Mar 03, 2023 1:22 pm
Sorry, I’d post this is in a “general” forum, but there isn’t one.., at least that anyone checks.

I’m just curious if anyone on here as gone through the process soup to nuts and created an album (instrumental or otherwise).. made the beats.. mixed everything.. had it mastered.. and then released it (through a streaming service, Bandcamp, Apple, having it pressed on vinyl, or what have you).

If so, did you master it yourself, or how did you find someone to master it? Did you track everything out stem by stem or mix everything down in the MPC? Did you use a DAW or hardware recorder? Assuming you streamed it, what distributor did you use (and are you happy with the results)? If you had samples, how did you navigate that process?

I’m seriously considering trying to do this… even if it’s just a beat tape.. Kind of a bucket list item to actually put an album together, even if it’s not any good, I can say I did it.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I’m genuinely curious, and would love to hear stories/advice.