Talk about the music biz - marketing, promotions, contract law, copyright etc...
By Mastakilla Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:44 pm
I'm looking to release my first project this summer. It's going to be a free mixtape available for download. I've purchased a domain name, it will have it's own site and link for free download. I plan on uploading to all the mixtape sites and what not. I'm not pressing discs. I think there is much more hype and buzz to be obtained online rather than passing out CD's in a local market. I don't want to spark the download vs. CD debate. Just wondering about some tactics any of you guys have thought of using.

The main marketing tool that i'm focusing on is the use of the QR or "Quick Response" code, (the square, block, barcode all the smart phones can scan). You can easily generate your own QR code for a URL or d/l link at a few different web sites. The only part of this project I'm looking at spending money on is having a promo sticker pressed up that includes the QR on it, maybe 2"x6" or something. Like 1,000 or so. And then just distribute them to a few people involved in the project and start slapping them up in bathroom stalls, record shops, bus stops, where ever there is going to be foot traffic. I'm going with the assumption that even if 1,000 people see ur sticker, they're not going to take the time to write down or remember a url address to check out your product. But if someone's bored at a bus stop and they have a phone, they might visit ur link out of sheer curiosity.

Aside from the typical, poster and t-shirts promo packages, what are some real ways to hit people with some guerilla marketing. Is anyone on board with me? Or is this idea destined for failure?