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By skytown Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:20 am
im a music producer and i sell my customers the licence to use my
productions under my terms and conditions and i make original music and i also buy royalty free sounds and loops and incorporate them into my productions, im wondering if my customers will have any issues with this whole content id thing, i understand that me using those royalty free sounds can cause issues if other people buy and use them, but i was wondering is there a way i can bypass the content id from my content to avoid issues, i think the term is whitelisting. this is a headache, going to stop buying loops next time i guess

does any beat makers have issues with youtube content id
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By MPC-Tutor Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:56 am
Content ID is used by all the larger record labels and publishers, it's not something used by samplepack companies. Why would they, their content is royalty free and intended to be used in music productions so it's very likely that their music will appear legally on youtube.

The only beatmakers having issues with content ID will be the ones sampling off commercial music releases.