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By Luke95 Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:33 am
Ive had my mpc2500 for a little while now [about 10 months] and pretty much understand everything about it at this point, theres just this one thing,

[using the mpc in standalone mode not as a midi controller], i was wondering what is the best way to connect a midi keyboard to the mpc, so i can record melodies into it, playing a VST loaded up in my daw e.g nexus.

The way i am currently doing it is recording what i am playing on the keyboard live into the mpc from my daw [fruity loops], using the 'record' menu on the mpc.

This works and it would would be no issues, however you cant quantize anything this way as the mpc records whatever you play and makes it into a sample.

i was wondering is there another way to record what you play on a daw into the mpc, so it would quantize the notes just like it would do normally?

I've attatched a few videos of araabmuzik using his setup, i just cant figure out how exactly he has it set up, any help would be much appreciated :smoker: ... CTmagazine ... MassAppeal

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By NearTao Sat Nov 21, 2020 12:52 pm
Didn't bother watching the second video... but in the first video

The midi keyboard is clearly going into the computer to trigger sounds.

The audio out from the laptop is likely going into the MPC 2500, and he is most definitely recording the audio from the laptop into the MPC 2500. You can see a point where you starts setting the start marker for the distorted... maybe a bell sound?

Anyways... I'm not seeing anything too crazy for a setup, it all seems super straight forward to me.

MK to Laptop over USB to control whatever software he is running
Laptop audio out to the MPC audio in.

There is no midi he is recording on the MPC from an external source, non of the midi ports are even connected... clearly visible at 1:24.

I suspect you're over complicating what he's doing... this is just a super basic workflow of recording whatever audio you want and then chopping/flipping it on the MPC. He could just as easily have done the same thing hooking up an AM/FM radio and recording, hooking up a turn table and recording, or having a mic'd up acoustic piano and recording. At the end of the day he's just getting an audio signal into the MPC and then flipping it... only magic here is whatever he's doing on the laptop... I didn't watch far enough to see if you can see the software he is using or what techniques might be there if it was even visible. That said... I didn't hear anything being done on the laptop that would indicate there was really any magic there either.