Post your views and questions about the Akai MPC2500
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By Si-Tone Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:14 am
Hi everyone,

Im new to the world of the mpc and have a quick question regarding recording using the analog inputs on my 2500.

Im not getting any sound into the mpc at the moment.

When in the record screen, I have the output of a mixer hooked up to the record inputs of the mpc.

I cant see any level on the mpc meters on screen no matter how the record gain is set.

I was using akai os. Just updated to the free jj os 3.09- no difference.

Any help or suggestions on what i could try would be mad appreciated,

Thanks heaps
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By Si-Tone Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:58 pm
Anyone got any suggestions? Im stressing a bit as I cant record ANYTHING into my mpc at the moment!

Im wondering if its a software or hardware issue? Or if anybody else has had the same problem. At the moment it seems as though my Record inputs are faulty?

Thanks everyone who contributes to these forums, its a gold mine of valuable info and has helped me out a whole bunch of times

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By selecta jo Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:28 pm
ok, first, even if it sounds stupid: on the record screen is analog in selected?

second: you can try plugging a sound source (cd-player, synth, etc...) directly to the analog ins (bypassing the mixer) - if you get gain this way the settings on the mixer are the problem or the mixer is broken.

third: push the input through button and turn it to stereo in. hook up a sound source to the ins and try if you get sound to the mpcs outputs or the headphone outs. if you get sound that way but still cannot record something is bad in your mpc.

peace jo
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By Si-Tone Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:44 pm
Thanks for your reply Jo.

I just gave that a go and still no luck :?

When input through is on and I have an ipod plugged directly into the analog inputs, I see nothing on the meters and hear nothing out the headphones or main outputs. It is set to analog. Im pretty sure now its the mpc it self because the same ipod plugged into my monitors (instead of the mpc)with the same cable gives me signal.

Im gonna go buy a spidf cable and see if I can get a digital signal out the back of my mic pres into the mpc.

If it is faulty, any idea how I might go about getting this repaired? Im in New Zealand so not even sure if I can find someone who will service mpcs out here!

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By Triple-X Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:35 pm
saw your post in my thread.. im coming in late so lemme get this straight.

Digital inputs work fine, analog do not.

you CAN hear your analog OUTS tho right?

The record inputs are on the 8 out board.
can you confirm whether or not when you buss sounds to output 1 thru 8 that you DO hear sound?

My first reaction would be a defective 8 out board since that is where your rec inputs are. but anything goes with the mpc2500 and sh!t like this.

Please confirm that you are getting audio out from the MAIN L&R as well as the 8 outs.
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By Si-Tone Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:44 am
Firstly thanks so much for a reply. Im at a loss at the moment so anyone with any knowledge to share is a massive help. Appreciate you takin the time to get back at me.

here goes...

Digital Ins are fine. I can record in via the digital ins as normal.

Analog inputs do NOT work at all. Cant hear anything when a source is plugged into them, not out the main outs or the headphone out. No signal shows up on the meters, not even low level hiss when the REC gain is turned way up.

The 8 individual outs do NOT work. when I assign channels in the mixer window to any of outputs 1-8 i get nothing out at all. I only just discovered this now!

I can hear stereo analog outs fine (MAIN L+R). If i dump sounds into the mpc via usb or the digital ins, everything works fine and plays out the stereo outputs exactly as they should. Its just the analog rec in, and the 8 digital outs that dont work at all.

Im really trying to figure out from here whats the most likely cause of the problem and how i might fix it. The chances of finding someone to service the mpc out here (New Zealand) is pretty slim! If I know what i need to replace tho, I can track the part down and get someone out here to put it in for me.

Thanks again for getting back to me and if anyone else has a suggestion on what the prob is or how to fix it feel free to jump in!

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By Triple-X Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:23 am
well obviously, based on the issue, it appears you either have A) a bad 8 I/O board, or B) a loose and disconnected cable going to that board.

The 8 out board handles the Analog rec ins, and also the 8 individual outs. the digital IN is on the Main pc board with the L&R analog out. So its no surprise that digi IN works and analog does not if you have a bad 8 out board.

The 8 out board connects 2 ways to the mpc. an integrated white idc connector (female) that connects to the mpc's Main PC board (male) and a 6 pin red ended header cable that goes from the right Assy board(the cntrl board with the data wheel on it) to the 8 out board.

the FIRST thing I would check is to make sure that red cable is securely connected from the 8 out board to the top right assy board.

Its more than likey a bad 8 out board. It COULD be the main pc board, however when the 8 out board is unplugged the mpc wont boot, which is merely the main pc board detecting the 8 out board at startup. since your mpc is booting still, Its fairly safe to rule the main pc board out since it DOES detect the 8 out board and boot.

However since you cannot use the 8 out boards 8 individual outs nor the analog Rec INS, I think its pretty safe to say you have a bad 8 out board.

the part however is pretty easy to install. you just remove the bottom panel from the mpc, remove the screws on the rear of the mpc that hold the 8 out board in, and only 1 screw inside actually holds it down(other than the white ICD connector that connects the 8 out board and the main pc board)

sending u some more info in a PM.
hope this helps you and U can get it worked out.
for now sample digital, and be thankful that your L&R outs are working!!
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By Si-Tone Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:47 am
Thanks heaps man!!!!

Ill have a look and double check the 8 out board is all connected properly when I next get a chance. Got your PM with more info so will chase up the part if needed as well.

Mad respect for helping me out!

Ill keep you posted on how I get on from here.