Post your views and questions about the Akai MPC2500
By FlightRisk80 Sun Apr 21, 2019 7:01 am
Just got my machine back from the shop after having it tested. Looks like I need a new CPU board. They advised I just buy a new machine. I’m totes down to replace the board though. I Just wondering if any of you fine folks ever swapped out/replaced the main cpu board for a 2500, who might be able to share some insight as to what I might need to know to install the OS on there after the replacement, or if there’s anything I might need to know before attempting this repair?

Thank you in advance for your time
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By Phonetic Sat Apr 27, 2019 10:15 am
Ive never swapped the main board but Ive done a few repairs myself & its quite easy to remove/install.
Just be careful with it & make sure to keep all your screws safe.
Not sure about the OS though, just install JJ when you've swapped the boards out
By Big Monk Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:01 pm
Not currently an MPC owner but I am an electrical engineer and DIY electronics tinkerer.

When it comes to equipment that is discontinued and therefore sold only on the used market, I’m all for people replacing things themselves. It’s often more cost effective to do so. In this day and age, the knee jerk reaction by technicians or repair people is to replace the whole unit. If I can get the parts for something, I’ll replace it myself. My iPhone is case in point. I replace everything on my phone myself due to it having the capacity (64 gb) I like.

So long as the cost of the CPU doesn’t exceed the price of a “new” unit, I say go for it. If any soldering is involved, make sure your skills are up to snuff!