Support and discussion about Akai's next generation of standalone MPCs running the MPC Software 2.0
By dumbeat Fri Aug 03, 2018 5:07 pm
A big thing about MPC beyond workflow and converter+ analog front end sound is the timing of the sequencer.

I never get a daw seq to play as tight as the MPC. A lot of it i believe is thanks to tne MPC doing only one thing while your computer is doing a gazillion other tnings at tne same time.

Now, with the hybrid models x and live, we have machines that can run either on internal clock or computer clock.

I am wondering-

A. Is there a difference that anyone hears between standalone and controller?
B. If there is No difference, is that because the standalone mode is as bad timewise as tne daw otr did tney find a way to get the daw side to be as good as MPC standalone clocking.
C. Is the Standalone mode just midi control? or is there any clocking coming from tne MPC hardware to the computer? In other words is it behaving as a transport and touch controller or as a clock brain..? Where is the sequencer living when in controller mode?
D. Speaking of glorious MPC clocking and swing, can the X and Live sound as tight as tne 3k? I suppose this might answer previous 3 questions all at onceā€¦ :twisted: