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By DokBrown Thu May 25, 2023 9:26 pm
luv my MPC LIVE but I must admit SONG mode seems a bit underwhelming relative to the FORCE’s arranger view. I do NOT own the FORCE so I am making assumptions based on my limited time with ableton/PUSH.

Can someone who actually owns both of these machines, comment on the exact differences between these 2 ?
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By NearTao Thu May 25, 2023 10:28 pm
You can, in some ways, think about the two the same.

Song mode is made up sequences, each sequence is made of tracks, which contain programs that are the sounds that you are playing. Similarly, Arranger mode is made up of tracks, which contains multiple clips, and each track contains a program that are the sounds that you are playing.

So, in many ways you can consider the two very similar, as they both represent moments or snapshots of time. Song mode is stringing

The difference really though, is in how each one represents that moment in time.

For Song Mode, the driving energy of a song is the sequence, and you string sequences together to create a song. This works well, if you don't want anything too complicated, or don't mind editing each sequence, but it breaks down quickly when, if you've made multiple sequences, and then you want to make a change to say your drum pattern, you'll need to do it for each section in the sequence. A big note too, is that Song mode only takes the first program used on each track, so if you change the program in a later sequence it will be represented as a change in the sequence, but it won't be the proper program when you render out/play your song.

For Arranger Mode, the driving energy of a song is the clip, and you string clips together to arrange your song on a timeline. This works well, because you can change out clips, have them repeat, and they aren't... how shall I put this... hard set on your timeline like Song/Sequences are. Also, in Arranger mode, your track can only contain the program that you have on it. There is no option to switch it out, which makes it (at least for new users) far less confusing and far more straightforward.

To me, the key difference to understand is where the "emphasis" is on sequence structure versus clip structure. Neither is right or wrong per se, but this subtle change in process position/priority can make a world of difference for how you go about constructing a track.

Hope that helps, and happy to explain more if you've got other questions.
By DokBrown Thu May 25, 2023 10:44 pm
The MPC allows for 32 songs.
How many arrangements can you have in 1 FORCE project ?

There appear to be reported problems with the crossfader/decks A&B & arranger mode. Am I reading the complaints wrong ?
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By Lampdog Fri May 26, 2023 12:48 am
1 project per power on is what these machines are designed to do.
Meaning FULL facilities and capabilities of the machine.

Splitting projects and squeezing them into 1 power on is a method of the user, but that's not the design.
IMO, 1 project = 1 song.
Same thinking as MPC2kxl (APS/ALL).
Same thinking as MPC 4k (APS/ALL).
By DokBrown Tue May 30, 2023 8:33 pm
The 32 songs allows a good amount of arrangements in the machine I already have. I will stick with the MPC platform for now.
But the clip programs definitely could be smoother in terms of warping & transitions.