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By Cooper77 Tue Feb 06, 2024 10:08 pm
Hello everyone, forgive me if I publish this post in both the Mpc and Force forums, but I would like some help on which of the two to buy! I like both Akai Force and Mpc One+! I've read a lot of things about the differences, here too I saw that there was a lot of talk about it.

I have been producing for years with computers and DAWs (Steinberg Cubase and various VSTs) and I think I won't change this thing because I'm happy with it and I know it well by now.
However, I would like to revive creativity and learn new approaches. I had tried Ableton Live, but unfortunately I don't have a good feeling. But I really like the issue of clips placed on a matrix.

What I'm looking for is a machine dedicated to performance and not so much production (for that I always have Cubase and my VSTs) that is fun to use but also profound.
I bought Circuit Tracks but it almost seems like a toy to me. I really like Force but I see that it is already 5 years old and I wonder if there is a new version coming out.
I've always admired the MPC galaxy, the large pads perfect for beatmaking, the sampler capability, etc... I recently discovered Force and it also seems very interesting.

Which one do I buy? (I can support the difference from soon)

Thank you all!