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By akidnamedA Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:36 pm
From what I've seen around, it looks like NI's software is much superior to Akai's, and a Maschine would be easier to integrate into a DAW compared to older models of the MPC. Their cheapest option is cheaper than Akai's (Studio) and has more functionality. The only models I've really focused on from Akai is the Studio, Touch, and 1000/2500.

So basically, can you convince me otherwise to come back to Akai's MPCs? The only advantages I can think of is that an MPC might be easier to use standalone (which isn't THAT important to me) and that there's this certain "magic" that comes with the MPC. Just trying to see if I'm making the right choices here.
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By Ocular Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:30 am
Read up on arrange mode in Maschine software, as well as groups and stuff. Then see if you can get down with it.

I personally found it difficult to think in the organizational terms that NI wanted me to think in. With MPCs, there is a logical hierarchy that makes sense. There are samples that go into a program, that are used inside tracks, that make up a sequence, that get strung together as a song. This is not so with Maschine. In fact, I think my biggest problem with getting along with Maschine was trying to translate from MPC to NI all the time.

With that said, yes I do believe Maschine software is superior to MPC Software. It is multi-processor friendly and plays nicer with plug-ins. It has a slick interface and just feels more polished in general. I just couldn't get down with how it wanted me to think about making a song.

I purchased the Mikro, however, the Mikro is missing one of the key features of Maschine, and that is recordable automation. That is something else for you to look up when making your decision.

Also, I don't believe in magic. Illusions, yes, magic, not so much.