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By Hipstorian Sat Mar 30, 2019 7:15 pm
I'm deciding between getting an MPC Live or MPC 2500. I'm aiming to make sampled boom bap beats from vinyl, with the occasional synth from my midi keyboard added.

I wanted to get the live for it's biggest selling point - standalone without being stuck at a desk, however for the price of the live, there is a 2500 with I can get for £500 and add a DDJ-400, something I've wanted to do to learn DJing aside learning to make beats.

The 2500 has 128MB RAM, unactivated JJOSXL and a 40GB HDD included

What would I miss on the 2500 that only the Live can do (other than be standalone)?

I use Beatmaker 3 on my iPad for when I'm not at my desk, but the touchscreen stops working frequently, so I thought the Live would be a good upgrade. I feel like the convolution of DAWs are slowing down my progress in learning how to make beats, diving through menus and selecting plugins and the like.

Any help appreciated, thanks!
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By mr_debauch Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:47 pm
well i guess the live has the ability to add any size hard drive you want as well... so that comparison is pretty even... it can do SD cards and USB sticks as well (the 2500 has CF, and can't do new huge cards like the live can)

The live has a few built in synthesizer plug-in type things.. you can use/make/create/save preset patches... and that is not related to the sampler side of the machine... so it can be pretty convenient when you sample a vinyl and you want to make a bassline to go with it... having it just built in is pretty nice.

FX, well the live has better ones... and they added some more in an update (they ported some onto the live that were previously found in pro tools.)

When it comes down to it, they are similar machines that do similar things... the live is just newer, they are still adding features fairly regularly.. and by the way.. all the stuff i mentioned is standalone stuff, I am not talking about connecting it to the computer and using the desktop software even though apparently that has quite a bit more capability... it just hasn't seemed necessary for me personally.