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By Maceo197888 Tue Apr 23, 2019 5:04 pm
Hi MPC Fourms,

Sorry if this has been asked a million times ( couldn’t find a direct answer)

Can someone tell me if the MPC500 will be fine or I’ll need a MPC1000 to do what I need -

I am looking to do a PC free live set, and I want an MPC to sequence all my synths via MIdI , each synth running on separate channels at the same time.

Before this I also want to be able to record the MIDI patterns into the MPC and save them. So for example to record a bass line from a synth can I say press record on the MPC play the synth line and than stop and save it into a bank etc?

If the above is Possible, can the MPC500 easy do this? ( thinking that I don’t want to spend on a MPC1000 if i don’t need it)

Are there limitations like other MIDI sequencers?

Thanks in advance for any help as it will really speed up trying to get my project on the road
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By Ill-Green Thu May 16, 2019 4:10 am
Both can do, but for the convenience, spend a little more for the 1000. If on the budget, go 500, but remember, its more tedious.