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By DokBrown Tue Dec 22, 2020 10:28 pm

MPC 4000 vs 5000 ???? - most favorite “TOP OF THE LINE” MPC

Based on this forum, It would appear that the MPC4K was the most favorite “TOP OF THE LINE” MPC over the 5000. I thought the 5k was impressive but I was already happy with JJOS and MPC2500 . . . . I had no ties to the akai Z sampler series so the 4k was over my head. I know JUS BLAZE made magic on it . . . . . .

By DokBrown Wed Dec 23, 2020 4:19 pm
I was wondering if any1 had had both & wanted to weigh on which 1 they kept ? assuming you didn’t ball out & keep both ;-)
By dryad-66 Wed Dec 23, 2020 5:46 pm
I love the 4000.But just sold it.Not because its bad or anything.Its the best MPC ever made because of the flexibility/features.......The 60 and 3000 are the classics of course and overall will have the most elegant OS and classic sound and build.Of course.But the Synthesizer type possibilities/FX/sequencer and options on the 4000 blow everything else away.The rest a DAW can take care of.IMO.I just need a break from it,its sound ect.Felt like i was going around in circles somewhat.
I really like the 5000.To me it has a different,a bit more modern sound.For good or bad its another vibe for me.It falls short compared to the 4K in many ways.But has other features i like.Its sounds big,like the 4K but different,slightly grungy and clean at the same time.Great high Rez sequencer.I love all the Q links and sliders.Im into the synth.Real shame you cant automate the synth parameters.Would have been dope to have a JJOS for it but 2.0 sorted out a lot of gripes.For all its still kicks ass.Ive has 2 in the past and might cop another.Just be aware that a lot of people have had bad units so make sure to pick up a good one.Saying that i never really had a problem and even the new top of the range Elektron devises are having issues......
By DokBrown Thu Dec 24, 2020 9:46 pm
I’m 1 of those dudes who likes to reserve judgement until all the data has come out & some time has passed. Only time will tell how the MPC LIVE/X stacks up against maschine+, but I think it is clear that the MPC 4K was the top machine of its ERA. The only thing that matched it is the roland MV/909. I really dug the roland MV’s VGA out; it made mixing/editing pleasant w/o having to deal with the computer problems.

all these machines are promising
both have large dedicated communities
By 40Beatz Wed Dec 30, 2020 10:15 pm
I Have Both. They're somewhat Different a Lion vs Tiger. Both have their Pluses and Minuses.

But on a personal thought....I'll say...The 4000 is better overall

Based on its Sampling Capabilites. The 4000 was a little before its time. The 5000 has added features such as the On-Board Synth...which i dont use at all lol. The 5000 is more Computer friendly. Although you can still communicate with Older versions of Windows with the 4000.

But for me...I sample alot. So the 4000 has more control over Sample Manipulation. And if you have some knowledge of Sound Design...the 4000 Sampler can just as sufficient as the 5000's synth.

Dont Ask me about Which one sounds better. Bcz i run Everything thru a Mixer to make both Output of the 4000 & 5000 sound unique to the Beat im workin on. A Dab of EQ/Compression will make a Casio sound like an MPC60/3000/2000(XL) etc :lol: