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By flextone Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:56 pm

So I'm staring to feel more comfortable with an MPC1K running OS2XL coming from the MPC3K and it's been great so far, but I'm having problems wrapping my head around how the qlink automation works once you move beyond the basic movement recording.

Two questions so far:

1) I've recorded two layers of automation on a track, one for each slider. Great. Now, I wanted to set this sequence as the SS sequence for sequence 2. For some reason one of my automation lanes stopped working while the other remained.

2) is it possible to record Qlink movement for notes entered on a different track? Say, track 1 has a 1/16th note hihat patter on it, and I want to automate it's tune via qlink on track 2 for the sake of order. I thought that if I set "Target" in the Slider page to that specific pad it should work regardless of the track I'm on but it doesn't.

Am I doing something wrong or is this really that finicky? :hmmm:

By allank Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:11 am
OK ..

A few things... As the CPU on these machines is not only old but very very low powered.
Here are some limitations I have discovered around q-links

1.Q-links only act on the track you are on.
2.Not all q-links actually work simultaneously (I'm not even sure if any do but you definitely can't have a highpass and low pass filter acting on the same sample.)
3. Q-links have a precedence from lowest to highest .. (in a 1000 1 overrides 2 )
By flextone Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:28 am
Thank you, that's helpful. I remember the jjos manual saying something about that.

Alright it seems it's not me then, and that's good enough.