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By krisp Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:02 pm
I own a mpc X, which i plan to sell, or just keep. anyway on the mpc x you can record a little drum loop by fingerdrumming or however you play your drums maybe your toes but anyway. you record it in midi, go into the "piano roll", then you can see the notes. Now on the mpc x you can drag those back to where you want them. so i want them at the start. Now i could now just press convert **** to audio, and be happy.
Just like the resample method on the SP 404 etc. But the mpc X has a button which is named explode them ****
so now i have my kick and snare on seperate channels, even tho i recorded them togetha
u nam sayin bradda
THEN!!!! you convert these to audio by clicking a f***** button.
So now i can loop my seperate kick and snare perfectly by just changing my sequence BPM. and having WARP on the audio OFF.

this is important to me and i suspect many others

what i am hoping is that this is very self explanatory - and that its possible on the MPC 1000

So in short i am wondering is it possible to play drums on the PADS, resample them and just loop/record them to a sample then triggering the sample with a pad. i hope you know what i mean.

Sorry for this messy post if you beared through but i cant buy another **** again wasting my money again