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By philphil Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:16 am
Hi guys,

Long time not being on the MPC forums. Back on the MPC1K after a loooooong stint on the OP-1. Missed stereo tracks and the pads too much.

Long story short, spent all evening last night trying to figure this out, with the SP manual printed on the side at Chapter 7 related to MIDI implementation as well as SP-Forums/MPC-forums on my phone screen. To no avail.

Is it possible to sync the SP303 FX to the MPC master tempo if I only use [external source]? All the info I found was about syncing patterns but I don't want to play patterns on the SP, just the FX with [external source] on.

To have delay synced to to my MPC patterns would sort out my beat transitions for EVER!

Thanks very much for your help! :worthy:

PS: what I did find out last thanks to this forum is that the [stereo] button brings stereo sound, which was a massive relief. I thought stereo would have been a default set-up. So thanks for that!