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By djhighfly Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:35 pm
Hello friends!

I have a question on JJOS mpc2500_xl361

Because the MPC Live has only two midi outs, i want to use my 2500 together with the live to get more inputs (more midi). Works fine in sync etc. but:

The Live is the master, when i press start, the 2500 also starts, thats fine, but is it not possible, that the sequences on the 2500 run one after another? Or better, that it realize when i press sequence 2 on the live, to play also the sequence 2 on the 2500?

I think i have a logical problem here, but is the only way the song-mode? i mean how to build a song with two machines? I would rather work step by step, the songmode is more the finish... :worthy:

Any help or ideas are welcome, thank you and greetings from berlin