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By Philo5ophy Sun Apr 25, 2021 11:50 pm
I found the solution to this problem, my mpc 1000 would not repeat notes while holding the button note repeat button and in record mode recording, i would hold down note repeat and it would play the sound once, i had to download JJOS 3.16 operating system labeled mpc1000_jv316.bin file on this website I will leave the links to and with that download came another file to download on the same site called mpc1000_jv241.os3 you put both files into your mpc by pressing mode, and the #2 pad load, and then press mount so it connects to your pc, once its off the pc and onto your mpc then load the jjos3.16 file and turn off the mpc and restart when prompted, after that load the jv241.0s3 file and it will correct all of your issues like new, salute!