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By dbtruen Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:36 pm
I'm running the latest jjos2xl on the 1k and it seems like INST programs I'm building are cutting the tales off of notes recorded on other INST programs on other tracks.

In the latest case, I have two tracks (different programs) with sustained notes playing fine. Then when i add a new track + new program playing a quicker, more rhythmic phrase, the notes from one of the previous tracks lose their sustain part way through. If I mute the new track, the old one goes back to playing fine.

I first thought that it could be glitching because different INSTS were sharing some common samples - some sine waves for example which I've layered into some paddy synths - but after eliminating that I'm still experiencing this cut off.

Anyone else experienced this and/or have any advice? Perhaps it's just a bug..
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By Sharris Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:23 pm
You COULD be running out of polyphony...... Do you have a lot of sounds &/or effects playing? This is my first guess....... I think you're running out of polyphony (the place where it cuts off might have too much going on at that point in the sequence).

Or is it cutting off at the end of the sequence?
If so, there is a setting that allows you to pick how a sample reacts at the end of the sequence, you can allow it to continue to play (one shot) or stop once the sequence ends (gate........I think it's labeled differently tho, like note on or something). If I remember correctly you get to it on the mute page....if not the mute page it s/b under the sequence edit page.

Last thing I can think the sample set to mono? What about the programs?
By dbtruen Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:43 pm
Aaaah! Yo, thanks Sharris. I think you're right.
As a relative noob I didn't even think about polyphony being factor in what I was doing. But yeah, I was building INST programs from layered single cycle wave samples. So once a few layers were in place, then a few chords played i think it was eating up my polyphony.
Need to condense and/ reign it in...