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By Daflorettalamv Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:44 pm
mpc 1000 jjos2xl pad upgrade kit thick pads

pad 3 and 4 on my pad upgrade kit were not working,

after much grief and experimentation, i realized that the chip fastened on the chassis did not meet the ribbon totally perpendicularly, so i unscrewed it, made sure the ribbon was set in there nice and straight, and refastened the chip onto the chassis with only 1 (not 2) screw so it could sit tight at a special angle, and reassembled it and it all works perfect now!!!

no pad 4 on jjos2xl means no track mixer/harder to get to=not cooool.

got this kit 6 months ago and tried to sadly work around it, but for all the money ive put into this compared to how poor i am, it was not cool.

thanks mike from mpc stuff for the tips. i hope it stays working good now for 1000 years.