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By 08IWN Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:23 am
First off hey everyone I finally got another mpc after about 10 years I use to be on here with a 2kxl.

So im trying to hook up my synth via midi so I can play dawless and just jam. I would like to be able to record as well.
Trial 1 - with below specs. so I could record notes in the mpc grid for the 4 bars then the mpc completely froze as soon as it was done? I could not here anything through the MPC only from the 06 little built in speaker. I unplugged 1 Midi cord Mpc midi in to 06 out this then un froze the mpc but when I hit play again it only played through the 06 little speaker and was playing something completely different to what I had played?
Mpc Midi out to 06 Midi in
06 midi out to mpc midi in
Mpc settings
Track 1 - Midi
Program - Off
Mode_Midi/sync - Active Track - All, Soft through - As Track? Sequence Change - off?, Midi out after touch - No? Sync? not sure on what to change.

Any help would be great I have tried hunting you tube and net for answers but not found much yet. Sorry for all the Noob questions.

By 08IWN Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:35 am
just for my own reference or anyone else who needs the answer I figured it out. well mostly hehe.
I have Mpc midi out> to Juno Midi In then to here the play back and everything through the MPC I have the Juno Through out > to the MPC Record in this makes it have playback all just through the MPC. I have a step sequencer going on the Juno and it plays to the BPM of the MPC so I can Live Jam.

I can then straight record in like a sample if I like a certain sound.