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By N0ware Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:30 pm
Hey guys,

I need some help with my setup, I have an MPC 1000 with JJOS2XL and I am looking to set it up as my main sequencer with my external synths through a midi patch bay, specifically the MOTU midi express XT. I have a JP-08, SH-01A, Boog Model D, Neutron, Digitakt, Digitone, as well as three controllers, a Beatstep Pro, Keystep, and a Keylab 49( I dont necessarily have to use the keylab 49 since it has only has midi in, so I'm thinking it might be more complicated to make work within this whole setup.) I am currently using the Digitakt as my main sequencer using a midi thru box, and the keystep as my controller triggering all the synths listed above; my reason for wanting to use my MPC as the sequencer is due to the digitakt not having a song mode. With all that being said, is this even feasible? I've uploaded a very rough diagram of how I think everything should be wired up, only problem is the controllers being wired up to the midi patch bay. This is my first time posting here so the obligatory "sorry for the wall of text" I feel might be necessary but I feel as if I've searched this and many other forums to no avail, any help, and or suggestions as to if what I have here is even doable or will need to be modified, will be greatly appreciated!
By Soothsayer Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:43 pm
Quick correction: Your Keystep 49 only has MIDI Out, not In.

With that said, you can achieve what you want with the setup you listed. Anything you want to act as a controller (so your MPC, Keystep, Keylab, BSP and other controllers), run the MIDI Out on those to the MIDI Inputs on the MOTU. If you just need 16 tracks of MIDI from the MPC, just use the MIDI Out A, if you want 32 tracks, use A and B. Then you'd run the MIDI Out ports of the MOTU to the MIDI Inputs on your synths, as well as the MPC (so you can record MIDI from your keyboard controllers) and likely the Keystep (for a clock).

Set your channels on each device accordingly so there's no overlap (or if there is, you have it how you want it), and keep what you're gonna use as a MIDI clock master in mind (I'd suggest the MPC).