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By TheMoonshiner Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:22 pm
I'm new to the world of MIDI and have just set up my equipment to sequence with the MPC 1000. Before I would individually bring instruments in and out as needed going into the MPC or Ableton rather than having everything connected as a rig. This wasn't efficient and required a lot of unplugging and moving things around. Now that everything is set up to work with the MPC 1000 I was wondering if I could also connect my MacBook Pro that has a usb keyboard connected to it to use as an extra MIDI keyboard? This would be a solution for one of my instruments (the Volca FM) not being able to input velocity.I use a plugin in Ableton to send velocity to the Volca FM. On the MPC I have each instrument set to its own track and matched accordingly with it's matching midi channel. This requires me changing the tracks directly on the MPC to use a different instrument. It would be great if I could match the tracks on the MPC to Ableton so that I can utilize the plugin still while also being able to switch tracks (synths) without having to actually touch the MPC. Is that possible? I'm not too great with MIDI settings so I have no idea what I would need to change on the MPC or Ableton to accomplish this.